What They’ll Do If You Don’t

La funk
Sits well on a monk
That you’re best to let run
with the bunk
In his trunk

Sit tight: don’t you worry
truly – no need to hurry
the world and its flurry
can wait.

Be poised and on cue:
Neither overtly undue
nor unseemly subdued
to the date

Poor eyes
fill with why’s?
and are quick to despise
even those that rely
on the wise
with their lies

So easily let down
the unreasonably drowned
who are spotted around
this home town

The swiftly forgotten
who dumbly sit – rotting
we’re due to stop dropping

Be seen
to be clean
open house given free
set your mind to be seen
and to glean
what they mean.

Lost for words

lost for words

image: http://rustyage.deviantart.com/art/Faceless-478167007,

words: Bujonswords


Nothing comes out of this air
except pictures!

Nothing comes out of my head
this night
except words…

Nothing escapes from your eyes
except mischief.

Nothing is held by my mind
except love.

Nothing in this night

Nothing except tonight

Reabu, Reabu, Reabu

Reabu, Reabu, Reabu; Bochastu
We can’t get by without
that stuff that you do!
Hornery, honery, ornery, high
Just do what you do
– we’ll not keep you by.
Corniti kites…
Blue argot heights
This deed so alluring you’re drawing in nights.
We wait for conclusion
We wait for days lights
When Reabu, Reabu, Reabu sings
Now free from the waiting
we’re free to begin.