Part 27 (John Door (man))

stood against the whole door
knowing you’re the top John
– calling all the shots John –
whose down
on the list John?
Wise crack
(alley scraping)
laughs John –
kicking in their heads
boys plied with drinks
and drugs (?)
easy target
called out first
they’re scum lads!
So get ‘em first
or kill ’em lads,
they’ll get you John;
the lads will John,
they’re drunk boys
so get in first or lose John.
On the doors boys
you’re the target:
You’ll all get it
we’ve all had it,
seen it,
been it,
known it,
you – the new ones –
you can’t know it,
soon to learn it,
feel it,
be it…
You John – door boy.
This will be your time
boys, stop the scum
from coming boys.
Get paid and
get laid
but don’t be afraid,
John in charge
we are in charge!
So don’t blow it
John do your job
go – bye!

Penultimately: Part 28 for tomorrow

Derrière Mastication

Dear Sir,
I am a man –
though I may dress like a girl
and smell like a pig
a man is what I am.
So do let me by
with my lazy eye,
with my nineties cut,
with my face – like your butt!
And with this limp (why I walk like a pimp)
let me pass.

Let my skinny arse
breeze by your frame.
Let my dim-dull brain
and my too-big feet
tread this nowhere street.
Give my erroneous nose
the space it needs,
as it goes,
do not stand in my stride
as my knock-knees collide.

’Cause I’d do the same
for your irksome name –
and I’ll let your flat face pass on free
if you’ll just shut it tight
and let me be.


I see you crush and batter your babe
Smash her sad world in
and still you get laid.
Says that she loves you
you say your love’s hers
Then it’s over and done as you
fuck her then Fuck her!

See that you’re kicking y’ kids in the head.
Kiss them a bruise
as you scare ‘em to bed!
I don’t understand how you father this way:
As their look for you curdles
from love to dismay?

And from here I watch as your fights hit the streets.
Dim fists packing punches
most finished by feet…
As your violence erupts,
each night in the air,
even with this bad blood you are still unaware?

Refrain: Talk is cheap in deed
and grunts just mean.
This is where you lay the seed
that our children glean!


Cults of criminal violence breathe
Inhaling youth
Exhaling disease
Regularly stealing hopes and enjoyment
Cursing hard workers
And praising deceit

Where is your milkround, realm of the damned?
How do the misfits
Somehow find your band?
As the gravitas simply pulls all to your feet
only those like minded hardballs think freely!

At night when you’re busy
All calm and unwise
Don’t let my bleak torch
Burn truth in your eyes
Digital con’s, or pickpocket prizes
Broad as this country
You’ve no more surprises!

Lost only heart things
And not much there to start
Each day out to strike
May be one day your last.