Thick night

A heavy mist sits

On the ghosts of trees

Damping sound close

To the dark deep

Fox barks sound far

Through wet air

Our Flo

Let me tell about Flo
Sisterless sister
Brotherless mother
Firebrand lover
Balled-up energy
Caterwaul wife
Flo, you see right
Is no blunt-edged knife

She’ll give you her last
Stand up and be counted
She calls how she sees it
Flo sees right through it
First in the morning
Last down at night
If you’re up for a battle
Flo’s all out to fight

You keep Flo close
Keep her close to your back
Take a breath, drop your guard
She’s already attacked
Sweet menace of mind
Lighting evenings with laughter
Flo burns your night
Brings the dancing tongue

Now you know Flo
See her tenor, her gravity
Your eyes now clear to her
Threat and gentility
When you feel her breath
Some dark quarter drunk sweetly
Keep your wits sharp
Check your tongue for stupidity

Buzz flies

Those crazy flies
Those crazy eyes
Flying flapping
tiny thighs
sooting up our skies
Dripping tiny dirty lies
Buzz they say
Their buzzing way

These drowning flies
I eulogise
immersed in nightly wine
Filled with drowning little flies
Lying flies
bilndly baptised
Buzz they say
Dumb buzzing way

Part 27 (John Door (man))

stood against the whole door
knowing you’re the top John
– calling all the shots John –
whose down
on the list John?
Wise crack
(alley scraping)
laughs John –
kicking in their heads
boys plied with drinks
and drugs (?)
easy target
called out first
they’re scum lads!
So get ‘em first
or kill ’em lads,
they’ll get you John;
the lads will John,
they’re drunk boys
so get in first or lose John.
On the doors boys
you’re the target:
You’ll all get it
we’ve all had it,
seen it,
been it,
known it,
you – the new ones –
you can’t know it,
soon to learn it,
feel it,
be it…
You John – door boy.
This will be your time
boys, stop the scum
from coming boys.
Get paid and
get laid
but don’t be afraid,
John in charge
we are in charge!
So don’t blow it
John do your job
go – bye!

Penultimately: Part 28 for tomorrow


Nothing comes out of this air
except pictures!

Nothing comes out of my head
this night
except words…

Nothing escapes from your eyes
except mischief.

Nothing is held by my mind
except love.

Nothing in this night

Nothing except tonight