Round glass

Square chair
Long table
Loud noise
Smoke cloud
Blue sky
Pink sun
Pink cloud
Dust cloud

Round glass
Green grass
Pink bloom
Sweet song
Sweet dusk
Quiet road
Long garden
Square table
Plate clatter

Round glass
Half done
Round mug
Hot tea
Low hum
Late flock
Soft giggle
Cool breeze
Lazy glide

Round glass
Still trees
Still air
Scared flap
Calm coo
Closed bud
Low sun
Dark sly
Quiet calm

…and pages crackle

In your head the static voices crackle
scraping mem’ries thoughts ideas

The static mounts its attack
and outside your small head the empty
weightlessness of air is full

Your time itself fizzes as it’s interfered
As the space where you mull comes alive

So all the while this interference wracks your life
Or so you know
no driven point or goal
Nothing dear to concentrate your time
Focusing on dreams or routes that
heighten your life and times