Red Sunset

Damn that deep red sun sets hard

Drowning days light in the tide of the dark

Sending in pink blushes of clouds last breaths

Triumph eternal in hourly deaths


We’re finally at the end of the crazy-June! Leaving us still with 2 months of silly season (English summer) to go… Where that will take us who can possibly know?!

June Oh June

With your bitch, full, blue moon.
You run on in pieces
in drips so drab
and break up the fun
that we waited to have.
You tyrannous slut
of a month
– Cat June!

Bringing the promise of sun and fun
to dash them and crush us –
you run on and run.
So you’ll guess I’m not pleased with you;
guess we’re not growing
to love your foul days of rain,
while you hide the suns glowing!

Oh June.
Oh my.
What have you become
now so late and wet
were you once called the sun?
I cry for you, baby
and the tears sting my cheeks!
I cry everyday
through your long blasted weeks.

Beck sun

This is an updated post from 2012…

Musical Dawn

When that Black thatch
with them Blue eyes
shook the old cat
out of White lies:
Swiftly all the noise
of morning broke.

And this Grey crowd
full of Red heads
caught great Pink clouds
‘cross their cold beds…
And it dawned on!

Then tears soaked each side
and washed all colours clean
bleaching each bright with pride
– shining through what they mean:
Only the Gold sun left reflections
on this gory scene.

Grey Air

Clouds announce their entrance
as they camouflage the sun.
Though I know that they are many,
their appearance is as one…

A coldly breeze envelopes me
then follows certain rain:
This does not cast a cloud o’er me –
I’ll know the sun again.


The sky she sits on
I cannot reach
I climb as high as I am able
She catches my eye and restarts her tease!

Part 20 (Easy Written)

Here comes a short series of poems with a faster tempo than my usual writing. I was inspired back in the 90’s by a great tune called Born Slippy, from the group Underworld.

Since starting, I have developed these pieces from first trying to imitate the lyrical rollarcoastery of the tune, although I have no music in my head when writing / reading them, I have attempted to amplify a beat through the words.

The series of 10 works is called Played at a different speed and initially they were just numbered Part 20, 21 and so on, however I then started titling each and over the next 10 posts you can enjoy the full ensemble. [although this obviously sounds pretentious, it is done in fun – as most of my work – even the bleak shit – so you take it as seriously as you want… they’re your eyes.]

Little bounty captive
low fired sword
sharp from debating
and alternative hating –
Blue and Red alternating.
As the criers
and those flyers,
crying –
catch the midday sun
and hold the falling sun,
this burning sun.
Morning sun.
This is our sun!
And it’s in print
for all the readers and writers –
all the bleeders,
all the watchers
Calm sun –
calm sun…
Cry light
head bleeders,
while they’re fleeing.
Sun bomb sun –
calm, calm sun –
as they’re running.

Tomorrow: Part 21

Key words

Kick back,
take stock,
Accept where you’re at:
ease the fret
from your mind.
Take an open account
of your life
and of those
who make colour and add
to the light of our kind.

Stay focused,
keep rhythmic
and new.
as open to change
as the clouds are to blue.
Be free
in your head.
Be steady
be true –
During spiralling lies
sincerely be you.