Truth of Mind?

Confusions of noise
blot any answers from surfacing,
in their stead – a maze of ideas
and questions, idly pass time –
twisting tales;
glancing at even the dimmest stars of truth.

Eventually only these flagrant lies stand firm
and there is no cessation in noise!
Some comfort is found
in the familiarity of these timeless ‘whoppers’.
This barely comforts rhetoric;
but comfort it is –
and all sinew
grapples it securely to heart
– still waiting the truth.

Till time has passed
this day and this night…
Only more exaggerated during the night
and more conscious at day.

Message From Moon To June [31-11-2101]

Heras sunset

Bip. Bip. Bip.
»Connecting Call»
»You have 1 new message.
Received 18:10 from Lunaropolis»
»June, I can see so clear
from here.
At dawn the sun, white as pearl,
peeled back my eyelids…
I floated to the portal
and smiled on beautiful blue home –
you all look so sweet and content
from ½ a million miles away.
I see there were storms over Africa yesterday
hope they don’t reach you.

Anyhow June
I’ve landed a job:
Grinding down the rock on the floor
of our new hotel.
Shines up a treat,
can’t wait for you to reflect in it.
The food gets better everyday
and tomorrow a new plant adds to our oxygen.
Must be good…

Sorry to catch you out,
just wondering when you’re next off?
E-me your rota – I think May’s good?
So, I’m off for some basketball tonight
(amazing game in low grav.).
C U L8R.
Dave. »
Bip. Bip. Bip
»To repeat message please press 1.
To delete press 7.
To reply press 9, pinch your nose
and speak slowly after the tone»


The infinite resting place:
An eternal false start
on our great human race.

The last
the least,
the most slowest pace!
This forgotten place
which we left as space?

space man

(c) NASA Goddard Space Flight Center