Papparizlas (witchhunt)

Breezes fill my head!
She said, when asked
which life she’d take to bed.
What stupid question’s this?
She’d say, when questioned on replies she made.
My life’s just twice as fast as yours;
not saying that you all are bores!
But this one life I live’s not yours,
so please don’t like me to the whores!

But you’ve the choice of 2!
They’d brag – all confident, she was the Slag!
So never once kept in the bag –
their noisy claims
to have blagged the Hag.
I twice assure you – I’m just the one
I’ve always been this one
just me!
My lives all thought and told by you
remain to me a mystery.

You lying Tramp!
You’re twice the lass:
With one so sweet
and one with Brass!
We call your ID to the frame,
to watch you squirm
and shirk the blame.
Good grief! You kiddies,
you blind blokes!
Your blatant shite brings on these chokes.
This second life of Gawd Hussy
was never once lived out by me!

So whipped and shifted,
hyped and freed –
The stupid left the brave lady
and as the last one shut the door;
Her Crimson rose
and belched a ROAR!
And this then –
beast, which stalks at night –
sometimes breaks free when nought is light.

At the Edge of the World

At the edge of the world,
Where only power and influence survive.
The ‘greatest’ of men collide.
Teasing nuclear envelopes
The way kids round our way, tease creepy-crawlies.
And just as this mighty cloud of wealth teeters on the brink…

A loud voice, deep in the midst of our crowd,
Remembered the bosom
(the soft cosy curve of sweet breast) out loud.

You’ll never believe that one shout saved the world!
Or rescued our leaders
From their throw-away plot
To blow us all up,
But you’ll have to believe that it’s true.
And as she shouted again, I’ll tell you –

So sudden this rage and shame fell
Like a shroud
As each nutter revisited
Memories of real warmth
And worth.

Stacey Journeygirl

In a metal box that rocks
with metal from it’s rock boxes
White Stacey cries it’s alive
in black rhymes and lies
oh White Stacey, who were
you rocking in that metal rockbox?

Oh White Stacey, with their
grim impress still fresh on your yellow locks!

From low down the top end of town
old curling burley slope-headed blokes
snarl freely as Stacey bounces by in her box
back to flat pints of watery beer
back to the sticky games of
stuck down pool
wiping leering chops of drooling shots up
lining pints up
Yet somehow never cheering up.

Oh scroats! Oh unhappy ‘happy-hour’ scroats
How many you number
And mass riches you squander.

Drowning in pool, sliding on cue!
To the sticky end of
your bitter fed night!

Harlot Nights

Once a lady laid her love on me –
spread it thick and luscious
round my heart.
Told my ears of sweet times spent
regarding me.
Kissed my lips she’d loved
right from the start.

Each day this new love grew up fast
around us.
Each entwined within each other’s stare.
Till one day I went to love my lover
as I woke I knew
she was not there.

Had I over-loved this girl who loved me?
Sweet and true, pure wrapping love
too fast.
Did I fall for one so live and sexy
while she loved me
she lived in her past.

So I did the right way I’d been taught to –
said goodbye although
my love’s not there.
Closed the door and walked along the roadside
so that tomorrow night
I will not care.

Dreaming of Daybreak

Grinding tracks far off
Announce the final train is home
While shrieks of drink freed wit drift by
To signal nights fun done

Just out our sight
In the cold
Here dark windows echo sounds
Driven out from eternal roads

Within this place of note
Deep breathing
Clouds the night with sighs
Not hushed by talk
Or fear of streets alive with scraps and cries

Dreams grab eyeballs tight
Worn tired by taking it all in
Shaking fragile visions free
To let what comes tomorrow in.

Do dreams of flying
Race towards the sun before it breaks
What distances these flickering sleepers
Strive, so oft, to make?

Waiting for yo’ train

Time turns a blind eye
as our atoms collide
Your side against mine
Clocking another slow ride

Yesterday’s dreams
they were bluer than sea
There was even a breeze
warmly breathing the trees

And believe me
the deep history you bring along
sometimes troubles the beat
of my simple song

Forget that though now
Lose the thought from your main brain
and join me once again
on the early train
the fast track
Our gravy train
From love and back

She Knew She Was Gorgeous – They Told Her So (1)

Almost doubly entrancing.
How they knew?
How she found him?
This was such a questioned story
always long but rarely weary.

Question was:
Where had she come from?
Likely boozers asked each night.
Answers fled from drunken heads
but when she came,
all knew ‘twas right!

So she came
in flaming glory.
Stood so tall and curvy wavy.
Flooded eyes with jealous loving –
caught their tears
to spice her gravy.

Here was such a mighty mistress.
Form so strong
with head so red.
Where the damsel set her passage,
each knew this
and off they fled.

Only one sweet soul devotion
sought such soothing love by night.
This companion
read her message,
brought himself
to her grand bed.

Kayes Aunty Merton Road

A distant relative circa 1900

Lost Song to Minerisa

Bring me your body
lend me your love
I shall in return
present you this groove

My mind is alive
with the sounds of your breath
Alight to your touching
Awake to your sex

Alone and in darkness
I’m finding my way
with none of your help
soon I’m lost to your maze

This party is tricky
a voice lost in smoke
so quickly you hush me
So slowly I choke

Is this where you’re pretty?
Is here where you lie?
To love you was easy
now better to die…

My song can’t expose
all the reasons and lies
Your mind is set straight
for this moment you cry

One night in your loving
my heart was torn free
And now in the blackness
it waits you, lonely

And tearing for beauty
And calling for fame
this lonesome lust lover
can’t keep up the game

So pages lap wildly
at words in the night
A thousand are practiced
but none of them right

You hold for your lover –
the holder of love –
One day shall be found you
alas not my love

Slip silent from living
I’m gone by this time
Whilst freedom is on you
Redemption is mine.Boxing Day Sunset Shottisham


Lightening lady,
with the beasts’ fires
started, by your love,
within my mind.
I’m torn –
each time your vagrant,
dust blown, spies
are lined with mine –
between our ties.

And as I lie
dumb (naked) and, most probably,

The dreams that fill this head,
and are of you,
are mine to keep.

Though eagerly I reach
for your sweet love to find me.
Every time you look
I fear what it is
you think you see.


Let me have it

Give me a job so that I can earn money
to pay for my food and my clothes
give me money

Live for a minute on words and on water
this is the diet of life
give me water

Let me sleep still in the dark of the night
The place where my dreams are known
give me the night

Stand here by my side
by my trembling body
Join my soul dancing
give me your body