The Keeper of the In…

Remember when you were lightening,
in the dark so wholly frightening.
You were the free one, so fantastic,
Wise as Thales, deep with magic

You escaped the demon slaying:
You escaped the holy, praying:
And you escaped a mind,
lost fraying.

I followed footsteps in the twilight:
I called to others to save your limelight.
Yet in the morn’ you’d lost the sunlight!
I summoned voices to save your last night…

I knew you could, you would, return –
Your name would once again
The throats of others burn.

We could’ve lived on forever
Although I pleaded, you claimed never,
Days would come when I’d know fever
Bear this heat (with you, survivor).

Our web of lies will not be forgotten
Another fable of the truly rotten
This high-hyped-pyre, this treaty written
Large of sound, yet lite on wisdom

Echoes of your grand lightening
Once in the dark, so wholly frightening.
You seemed the free one:
Pulsing magic.
Was just my minds burst –
thoughts fantastic.

  • this is an edited version of poem originally posted in summer of 2015.

50 Ways in Which I love Her

Those fingers and toes – that’s twenty
Her neck and her nose – There’s 2
Her belly
Her hair
Her smile
Her flair
And of course how she shares
I love you.

In my mind the tally’s now 30
Plus I argue her ‘Love You’s’ worth double
Then here is one more
I assure you, worth four
How she know’s
Every time
When there’s trouble.

From 50, we’re down to 16 (ish)
As my lovers
Hot love
Makes the chart
Some might find me smutty
To point out the putty
My mens-rea, tho’s to
Love’s dark art!

My ways carry on
Thru this dubious song
Which reminds me
My love birds warm trill
Humming when she finds happiness
When life is less a mess
Her’s the voice of the angels
A pill

Her giggle
Her get up
Her phobias
Like drinking and smoking
And shops
The way she finds worry
In the doe eyes of love
And that peak that she rides
And how quickly she

Welcome to love life’s top 5!
Though I’d happily drone till you’re bored.
From the arch of her brow
To the grace in her swing
And her lips,
bitten tender in thought

The second spot’s filled by her breasts
And you might think that bawdily stark, but…
The point of this poem
The top of the chart
Is her forever surprise that she’s stolen my heart.

Sense The Skin

As skins mingle
our senses tingle
to an extreme –
we start to scream!

To glimpse a ghost
I tease my host
and in return these bodies burn.

So, reaching into her domain,
I know that we will burn again –
in the twisting of her mind:
the only place where she is kind!

As these feelings end we go to start again
And I decide, now, where to go
Where night gets lighter, writhing slow.

By WolfgangRieger - Marisa Ranieri Panetta (ed.): Pompeji. Geschichte, Kunst und Leben in der versunkenen Stadt. Belser, Stuttgart 2005, ISBN 3-7630-2266-X, p. 185, Public Domain,

By WolfgangRieger – Marisa Ranieri Panetta (ed.): Pompeji. Geschichte, Kunst und Leben in der versunkenen Stadt. Belser, Stuttgart 2005, ISBN 3-7630-2266-X, p. 185, Public Domain,

Over (tribute)

Play it slow; wake me when it’s over.
Feel the music lift you, love a supernova.

Sleep is quiet.
Sleep is quiet when I’m with you.

Faking love: Push me I roll over,
feel so warm inside – join me in a Rover.

Floating past, gone further than ever.
Quiet, dark, solitude.
Now the moments over.

Dreaming still,
Standing still, dreaming that I’m with you.
Now the feeling’s over.


Blue panes filter white light through
In your eyes the reflections within
And this time I’ve lost it
I’ve lost all this time…

One night which flew quick was won
Sleeping with you I tried keeping
Alas my frailty shone
All pleasantry’s gone
The night was soon morning
When it’s my time to go.

And brush a thought free

Warmly in embrace you lie
brushing ears with slumbers sigh
flesh pressed close in dreams
In night breeze
where no light breaks
Your glued tight eyes flicker
breast heaves
lips mouth silent ethereal chat


[reposted, from 2011]


How is it slightly shocking
when the jokers cease their mocking?
When our silent door’s been knocked in?
When this time spent out is slept in?
How our lovers call their debts in?

Why does the thought make criers
of those bigots
All the cheaters and deceivers?
All the thieves-crooks-plebs-receivers?

Where can the buck be halted?
Why is the last,
Where are our truths remoulded?
Why are our mem’ries jolted
and when will this Hate be hated?!

[from November 2011]

Modern problems #1

Some body who you never knew

Has promised to suck your bits Blue

For the price of a text

They do what you expect

And then, for followers, leave a review.

Part 28 (fire-eaters)

lurid (sordid) courting –
mission stated,
off for slopes
and curves and fire!
This sweet tale
of sickly loving –
Sold by corners,
sold by fingers,
that linger,
sold by stingers,
caught in minds,
throats hoarse from
musk and lust
and sad,
sheep losers…
– breath baited –
All the time
these fires breathing
turning teaching,
hid from preaching –
hide the yearning!
for the corners,
tasted fleeting
– loving lightly –
last lick;
And off in the wild
away from the fire –
for the next
(sheep) sad losers.

Final part of Played at a different speed, tomorrow: Part 29

My dark star

Warm beams of light pulse
From my dark star
Mostly late late at night
When all that’s left up
Are the naughty girls
There you are –
Malevolent ideas form in my
Pot-holed mind
Where – like a slow-mo accident
Trying to be kind
I unwrap your sweet
Contented grin
Gaze deep deep within
And grasp
And rub
And ever-so-slowly begin
Watching you burn
Your amazing
Deep dark way
Through yet another one
Of those malicious,
Yet sun-warmed
And all-to-play for
With your simmering, sensual
Warm pulses of lazy


Ramble, ramble, rumble
In her thighs in succulent thighs
ramble, humble, mumble
Thick in lies
Luscious lies.

As all we wait for something
we can never realise
and burn this twinkling life you hate
and start so many fires…
The answers we may never grasp
while reasons turn to lies
Even as the moths of death
circle nightly skies

A self-wrapped life is meaningless
and pocketed with lies
Just as sorrow for our selfish ways
shows up your mortal eyes.


Sight of pretty morning dawning, sets birds’ light with songful yawning.
Whilst glory flames see no-one mourning, I rely on eyes adorning.

You, my pretty flunky bonny, catch the blinks of very many.
Realise you are the honey. Take them when they turn in money.

Still I pace with docile wonder; tease you freely as you ponder…
While I sleep I see you wander – know not how, though, you meander.

In the pulse of plentied diction, can’t explain your contradiction
though I feel you are no fiction, how does this then pass distinction?

Here at light; the crack of daybreak, you should find this meal a peace cake.
Free yourself from your bleak cellmate.
Stand tall, my bonny: Loose the fear brake.

Night Love

Say please when I plea
won’t you come home with me
When I fall at your feet
call me sweet
not a creep

Ask for beer with our lasagne
then I’ll know I’m with a lady
and I’ll toast your love
my lover
as the drinks drown down our feasting

And the night
will come as quickly
but I’ll drag it out so slowly
so your love can flow as roughly
lasting morning through till sunlight

For with you: you make me shine
that way we’re filling all my time.
Not a moment gets ‘way free
whilst you dance this night with me.

Then in the morning
when it comes
you’re free to let me down and go
for that last night you’re solely mine
a body breathing in my mind.

Lies Before the Storm

Remorse addles my memories
Pocketing each bliss afternoon
With the passions of night
The crimson rivers of my beautiful flesh
Lap the poison down
Sweet honey

Where do I want to be?
With my bad habits
and bad thoughts
Racking brains daily for other ways to see…
Rocking my bed hotly
(With hot rocks you understand
not hot rocking!)

My beautiful body
And rugged face
Lies blatant and huge
As this heart fights to keep pace.

Random Dinosaurs from Crystal Palace

Sweetest Lady

with your fair vivacity
my loves soars
to your every calling!
My eyes yearn –
to watch your waking morning;
hear your voice –
so clear, immaculate.
Feel your breath,
a hearts pulse warming.

as your sweet scent cloaks me
I am strangled
by loves tender suppress;
potent, sensuous:
Blood rushes, pounding, through me –
my soul surrenders
when your love comes.

Soft Light

Here’s a silken
shaking light
through beads of sweat,
here’s throbbing dancers
dark in corners – caught
in time drawn by your threat.
They claim no reverence,
or knowledge,
of your fears that need no name.
For the sacred
are but captives
in this land they call the same.

In the shimmer of the moonlight
in the shining of the sun
which bears reflections
when they meld
and join
as one…
This is where all darkness
comes to hide –
where fear is thought to grow;
so our body sweat
still glistens
from a deep-felt naked glow.

Tonight I’m Tired

You curve in arms
You’re wriggly warm
I love the way you curve
The luscious way you move

And tonight you turn to me
Tonight’s your turn to be
But it won’t happen here
Tonight I’m tired

Bluebell eyes
Black with despise
Flash a glare I catch
Harshly still you watch

I hear your fear lays hidden
And see your face sin-ridden
This now’s my curve my lover
Not now you come my lover

Tonight you turn to me
And tonight’s your turn to be
But it won’t happen here
Tonight I’m tired.

Flaming June Sir Frederic Leighton

Flaming June is a painting by Sir Frederic Leighton, produced in 1895. source: Wikipedia

Do you love her?

Do you love her?
Do you love her like a mum?!
Do you love her like a sister?
Do you love her loud and dumb??!
Do you love her straight/
Do you love her drunk/
Do you love her wasted;
Love her handed on a plate?
Do you love her silence?
D’you love her fat and thin!?
Do you love her for her laughter,
or just to put your willy in?
Do you love her when she’s angry?
Love the way her eyes don’t smile?
Do you love her when she’s flirting?
Do you love her own exile?
Do you love her?
Do you love her?
Do you love her fast and free?
Do you love her chatter?
Do you love her tits and belly?

Sweet Moon Rise

I saw your moon rise like fires in the sky,
so fast and red.

And as I clasped that sweet orb tight
and pressed my knees into your thighs
I realised – you really are the light,
which sparks these little fires
that turn alive my eyes.

So brutalised yet comfortable
you turn once more to me
requesting if my will can stomach you again!

And then the smiles turn on my face,
lit up bright and bold as Brass.
Your moon hides as I turn again
and clasp your hidden arse!

What is mine is yours

4 fingers grabbing touching you
4 fingers and a thumb
my hand I’d give my arms to you
until my life grew numb

2 arms outstretched and holding you
2 arms my love’s worth more
My limbs I’d give my heart to you
until my heart beat raw

So come my love and show me
so come I’ll love your mind
your mind I’ll love your body too
I’m lost but not unkind!