The Keeper of the In…

Remember when you were lightening,
in the dark so wholly frightening.
You were the free one, so fantastic,
Wise as Thales, deep with magic

You escaped the demon slaying:
You escaped the holy, praying:
And you escaped a mind,
lost fraying.

I followed footsteps in the twilight:
I called to others to save your limelight.
Yet in the morn’ you’d lost the sunlight!
I summoned voices to save your last night…

I knew you could, you would, return –
Your name would once again
The throats of others burn.

We could’ve lived on forever
Although I pleaded, you claimed never,
Days would come when I’d know fever
Bear this heat (with you, survivor).

Our web of lies will not be forgotten
Another fable of the truly rotten
This high-hyped-pyre, this treaty written
Large of sound, yet lite on wisdom

Echoes of your grand lightening
Once in the dark, so wholly frightening.
You seemed the free one:
Pulsing magic.
Was just my minds burst –
thoughts fantastic.

  • this is an edited version of poem originally posted in summer of 2015.

Sense The Skin

As skins mingle
our senses tingle
to an extreme –
we start to scream!

To glimpse a ghost
I tease my host
and in return these bodies burn.

So, reaching into her domain,
I know that we will burn again –
in the twisting of her mind:
the only place where she is kind!

As these feelings end we go to start again
And I decide, now, where to go
Where night gets lighter, writhing slow.

By WolfgangRieger - Marisa Ranieri Panetta (ed.): Pompeji. Geschichte, Kunst und Leben in der versunkenen Stadt. Belser, Stuttgart 2005, ISBN 3-7630-2266-X, p. 185, Public Domain,

By WolfgangRieger – Marisa Ranieri Panetta (ed.): Pompeji. Geschichte, Kunst und Leben in der versunkenen Stadt. Belser, Stuttgart 2005, ISBN 3-7630-2266-X, p. 185, Public Domain,

One Night Thinking

Softly ruffled; her voice
breaking like equatorial tide
against my ear, my love

Tentatively closing on a body
quietly shivering (not with cold)
with anticipation

Wracked and closing loudly
as her breath hums tunes known well
the end is close, I’ve loved

All the while I listen for her
words pour out like treacle
my mind is alive with her games.

Beautiful Night

Turbulent, mindful and full of delight
Mortimer sits through day into the night.
Aware that his being here’s not wholly right,
Silent twitches and grins, though, are all that’s in sight.

When all of a sudden night falls, and all’s dark
Mortimer crawls out from under his Snark,
Pulls all his hair out which signals the start,
And wanders alone to his midnight sweetheart.

Way up a hill down the wrong end of town
The last drips of water slip onto the ground,
From a succulent body wrapped warm in a gown.
And Wanda, all fresh flesh, figures on love knocking round…

Reflected moon shimmers off Mortimer’s head,
As he passes dim bars where the punters – long dead
– argue intently of pitches that bled
From Saturday games beamed direct to their heads!

A bang and a whoop and a crunch at the door
Wakes Wanda, from slumber –
From dreams of amour.
Her shout down, like chocolate,
I’m on the 3rd floor.
Sends shivers through (thudding up stairs) Mortimer.

Lights from her face beam our man on his way
Through doorway, ajar, to a bliss where she lays.
As wonder envelopes in all of loves ways,
These lovers embrace this sweet time and for days.


She Will Be Loved, Larosaperiata (Click image to jump)

Reviewed and reposted from 2011

And brush a thought free

Warmly in embrace you lie
brushing ears with slumbers sigh
flesh pressed close in dreams
In night breeze
where no light breaks
Your glued tight eyes flicker
breast heaves
lips mouth silent ethereal chat


[reposted, from 2011]

My dark star

Warm beams of light pulse
From my dark star
Mostly late late at night
When all that’s left up
Are the naughty girls
There you are –
Malevolent ideas form in my
Pot-holed mind
Where – like a slow-mo accident
Trying to be kind
I unwrap your sweet
Contented grin
Gaze deep deep within
And grasp
And rub
And ever-so-slowly begin
Watching you burn
Your amazing
Deep dark way
Through yet another one
Of those malicious,
Yet sun-warmed
And all-to-play for
With your simmering, sensual
Warm pulses of lazy


Ramble, ramble, rumble
In her thighs in succulent thighs
ramble, humble, mumble
Thick in lies
Luscious lies.

As all we wait for something
we can never realise
and burn this twinkling life you hate
and start so many fires…
The answers we may never grasp
while reasons turn to lies
Even as the moths of death
circle nightly skies

A self-wrapped life is meaningless
and pocketed with lies
Just as sorrow for our selfish ways
shows up your mortal eyes.

Better Than Dreams

Would you break my line of thought
when you thought it’s time,
or wake my dreaming head before
I’ve dragged you down to mine?

For as we slide in night, so still –
where all the sound’s self made –
there’s time to glide in time,
and time to take
and find where we are laid.

What’s that? A moon, so mean
and lean with light,
bestows on us yet some cool beam…
Fairly split twixt space
and that which lights up nightly
on your face!

Would you wake me from such dreams!
Would that, you wear such felicity:
These startled eyes would rest glad on you
rather than their dreamy fantasy.

Sweetest Lady

with your fair vivacity
my loves soars
to your every calling!
My eyes yearn –
to watch your waking morning;
hear your voice –
so clear, immaculate.
Feel your breath,
a hearts pulse warming.

as your sweet scent cloaks me
I am strangled
by loves tender suppress;
potent, sensuous:
Blood rushes, pounding, through me –
my soul surrenders
when your love comes.

Lurve Thang!

I am so into you
I am so into you
Like the sky is blue on sunny afternoons
Like our blood flows red as I look in your eyes
Like this bird song when I call your name
I am so into you
so into you.

Falling Through Flaws

Please carry me home,
yours truly alone –
I’ve fallen in love
with a drowner!

Catch me when I’m smiling.
Chat whilst I’m beguiling.
I’m sure I’ll screw this
like my last loss…

I’m sad in my flurry,
so sorry this hurry,
a tosser I’m sound
and unbeaten.

This last chance of love?
Girl fits like a glove –
in the image of pleasure
and loving.

Soft Light

Here’s a silken
shaking light
through beads of sweat,
here’s throbbing dancers
dark in corners – caught
in time drawn by your threat.
They claim no reverence,
or knowledge,
of your fears that need no name.
For the sacred
are but captives
in this land they call the same.

In the shimmer of the moonlight
in the shining of the sun
which bears reflections
when they meld
and join
as one…
This is where all darkness
comes to hide –
where fear is thought to grow;
so our body sweat
still glistens
from a deep-felt naked glow.


This is going to kill you quickly
As you toke it oh so slowly
Rolled about for half the night
Thumbed and fumbled till was just right
Smoothed as round as round you know
Watch it glow

The Late Night Count

Broken minds
lay scattered
like shattered
through fingers
holding up the thinkers
and propping
Those deceivers
with their

All the while sweet lips
Count mutely to 10 and back
Again in time.

limply from heights
The not quite rights
Take stock
of lights
And hang
low lights
at night
to frighten
out of sight ideas
And dreams
that shape their plight.

Still the beauty of mouths
Mouthing fails to enter or
Break the pattern.


Sweet Moon Rise

I saw your moon rise like fires in the sky,
so fast and red.

And as I clasped that sweet orb tight
and pressed my knees into your thighs
I realised – you really are the light,
which sparks these little fires
that turn alive my eyes.

So brutalised yet comfortable
you turn once more to me
requesting if my will can stomach you again!

And then the smiles turn on my face,
lit up bright and bold as Brass.
Your moon hides as I turn again
and clasp your hidden arse!

Freedom Man

It’s big waves
It’s the small stones
It’s footsteps in the sands
And the beaches of the shores
It’s birds on the wing
heading down south
And it’s the noises that you make
When you open up your mouth

Over-painted men
with their faces all long
Try to tie me down
But their ropes ain’t so strong
Cause I’m the Freedom Man
And I’m free
To fight on

The reason you cry
when not tied to the tribe
Or admission of guilt
From bad loving and lies
Your lonely atonement
for crimes borne of love
Well it’s all of me below
And it’s all of me above

I’m caught by the balls as you
draw me inside
It’s the warmth in your head
When your heart takes the ride
It’s from the Freedom Man
And it’s free
To ride on

Waiting for yo’ train

Time turns a blind eye
as our atoms collide
Your side against mine
Clocking another slow ride

Yesterday’s dreams
they were bluer than sea
There was even a breeze
warmly breathing the trees

And believe me
the deep history you bring along
sometimes troubles the beat
of my simple song

Forget that though now
Lose the thought from your main brain
and join me once again
on the early train
the fast track
Our gravy train
From love and back

She Knew She Was Gorgeous – They Told Her So (2)

I am here today
She cried
In this bright sun
She never lied
So come and see
Was her last line
whilst flung her arms and spread them wide.

Dancing through the tragic morning.
Arms so wide
and legs so leggy.
Curved a beauty picture did she,
curved it once then twice
and thricely.

Chancing that this day was ending.
Now that she had danced
through noon,
swiftly brought the night’s dark dresses,
so this girl could lure the moon.

Here was precious movement truly.
Now we see what beauty is:
Moon so bulbous white and holy,
this dance lent the Earth her kiss.


Feel it from under
The crack of clouds collapsing holds your whole parched world in wonder
Pitter patter starts and mighty
Drenches all asunder
That heat that held us
Close and breathing
Hard and hot is undone
For skies, turgid with blue,
Belch forth great torrents
Drawn from under
Tonight is blown clear
Shattered by an air whom bellows


You ain’t got no blue
like the aqua marine
reflected in your Samien eyes.

Breaking beads of white wake
lost in the glow of sun glazed
turquoise of these bays,

Like the deep Lapis lazuli
draped on your tanned neck
to take home the crystal clear Aegean seas.