She was all
brrap brraap braaa
And he was all
fine fine fine
Where she
melted air with her glare
He was
still cool serene
high pitch siren alarming
Warm bass tone disarming
She was all
face in your face to face
As he was
Warm smiles and space
A tuneful duet
Mighty reflection
Power ballard
Of loves
Of affection
She was his yin
He her yan
Lighting their little home
Bright with elan


We blink at each other
thru some fug of confusion
The slow eyeball roll
to a grasp for conclusion
I hear your noise distant
As when wisps of mists cloud
All the words that you say
And I blink in ascent

Some time some time ago
we sang the same lyrics
Your accented verbs
lit my mind with loves fire
Attuned to the vibrant chords
Lept from your full lips
I wondered the musical
majesty of breath

Yet here we sit side by side
Tone deaf and mystified
Straining to glean
just a semblance of sense
I hear you, don’t get me wrong,
My ears are not yet deaf
What i hear is not quite though what your tongue likely meant

Who’s the hoo?

Who are your groups?
Blue groups
Blue groups

From where do they come?
Black lands
Dark skies

Who are your groups?
New groups
New groups

What do they know?
Black laughs
Dark lies

What do you wish for
bringing groups like yours here?
Bringing dreams full of shadows
hung with half-grand ideas?

What do you wish for?
What do you want?
How long have you waited?
How deep is your love?

Who are your groups
who have havoc to wreak?
Who laugh through the blood dripping smoke that you breathe?

These, your people,
Your troupes
Your troops

Who are your groups?
Who’s designs
lie on you?


Better Than Dreams

Would you break my line of thought
when you thought it’s time,
or wake my dreaming head before
I’ve dragged you down to mine?

For as we slide in night, so still –
where all the sound’s self made –
there’s time to glide in time,
and time to take
and find where we are laid.

What’s that? A moon, so mean
and lean with light,
bestows on us yet some cool beam…
Fairly split twixt space
and that which lights up nightly
on your face!

Would you wake me from such dreams!
Would that, you wear such felicity:
These startled eyes would rest glad on you
rather than their dreamy fantasy.

Melodious Odious Ode

So, hold me down while I go singing –
bringing mellow glee and ringing
bells of glory, and of sunshine,
down the dark highway connections
of our fast declining times.

And when you get the hectic juice
injecting my electric roots
you’ll still not halt my dulcet hoots
or quell my derisive champing
at your witty bits of rhyme!

You see…
Tomorrow you’ll be over it
recalling what you soon forgit
dispatching your unhappy breath!

And somewhere, maybe in a ditch
a tune will hover over it
from my dark thought’s I’ll still project
the blue rays – and one day I’ll bet
you’ll join my melody with your sweet tune!

Veto Tiger

In my dark night you snarl
with your elephantine memory.
Like a fox you sneak into my last thoughts
and tear at my heart

Please let me be.
Please slip by in the night and don’t come knocking.
But like the ticking hands of time
you call on me most regularly

As the gulf of days widen
between me and what you say you are,
The skillful play of my beleaguered senses
blurs and scuffs your edges…

Until at last, I can believe – in time –
that you got lost: Unable to claw a way through.
And there I can sleep and lose myself to dreams.
Free from your growls and echoes of snarls,
free to love again.

Paining on Friday

Emotional commotion
is my heart
now set in motion
which you’ve done to my devotion
which was solid from the start

Now twice you’ve been encroaching
on my life way of approaching
and both times you managed broaching
this calm dignified façade

I’ll blame you
deep and mighty
as my face gets all unsightly
and the laughing stops quite rightly
while my heart pours out my eyes

So next time you stop
to test me
On my ways and sensitivity
The reasons that you doubt me
rest in no place
but your heart

The aching, which compounded
(at the time, left me dumbfounded:
When you left, my heart near drowned),
is the ache
just you can free.