Bring Sheila back
the stories of wonder!
Cried Leopard
as Grongo limped off.
A fine young scene by any standards.

Grongo was lame
and tame
and toothless…
He limped with both legs;
Leopard laughed.

But all liked young Grongo:
They laughed when he wanted
and lived better for it!
Young Grongo
was ever the player.

A quest was dealt
some wonder felt.
A search for 3 years and 4 days….

Leopard watched open-mouthed
espying a Grongoesque shape
and Queen Sheila squealed delightedly
as the cripple hopped under the light!

I have the wonder
your mind will ponder
this marvelous might I will preach!
The size of blue eyes is a fancy enquiry!
Now leaving you blank
I leave rich!