Chewing it over

Bite chew swallow big bite long chew

A thousand made up half made thoughts
Invade my concave mind
I find
A hundred maybe less I grasp
And try to keep them to a side
Yet every day
More thoughts invade
I lose so much in time

Then somedays
Caught on curves
An idea comes to mind

Here in this brief fleet
I play
Tugging sharp and forced
Until that one kept idea lays
Ripped through
And worse

Alas the balance seldom wins
So few these great thoughts rain
Into another day
A thousand thoughts
Swirl in and out my brain
As watching them I bite and chew
Bite chew slow
And swallow

On a night like this

Sunset in August from Canary Wharf

View of London West from Canary Wharf

Incredible speed sped me to this point in the night.
Turned from the tele
food, but somehow no beer, in my belly.
Mrs B sits on the couch and quips
trying to get buy-in from the back of my head.
On a night like this I start to write –
beaming out ideas from the back of my head.
Here – I might hope – is the next block
From twitter to facebook to linkedin to this blog:
Here is a new line in new lines of thinking.