Bon Fire

Sparks which light up this sky so bright,
to light the hearts of youth tonight.
Those that whistle, whirr and ping:
showers that usher the winter in.
Loud bright claps
and whooshes of firepower
launched from the dark,
glowing, burning…then embers.
For this sharp date
when kids stay up late,
steals breath from all lips
frozen, open and baited.
Tonight the sky is blistered light
and caught in brains
and smoked so bright.

Dressing up

No time for black ties?
No eyes for surprise
Or ears for your new lies
Devised by the wise!

So rustle through wardrobes
release through those blue clothes
That as dusk to night grows
Simply light up where dreams blow

Tomorrow the sun shines
– this means –
Tonight squeeze your time
Burn the fire in your mind
Feel loves tight spring unwind