There’s My Way…

Full of tea yet low on greed
How much you query the green!

All of the money and honey you stash.
Why do you need to have all of that cash?

Here I rot topped up with pot
And dysfunctioning? Me got not!

As round this life you scream in fits
Killing time and joy – losing love in bits.

Burning up days with rants and quarrel
Smashing dreams down, leaving the rubble?

How do you righteous become so bloated
When out in this liberty, I grin easy and float on.

Theres my way




The Gods have awoken
and they are smiling!
Not at you
but – for sakes scream – with you!
Your hearty laugh,
for now is the real time
of recompense.

Poem-a-thon 5 Dec for MSF UK

Utterly forgot to promote this in the one space where readers appear to appreciate the work that goes on here…!


Saturday 5 December, starting at 12PM, 60 people will read poetry throughout the day, in total 10 hours of words will be spilled onto floors of the Vout-O-Reenee’s Club, a few hundred yards from the Tower.

The money raised goes to Medicine Sans Frontiers refugees work and we (the Poem-A-Thon team) already added £6,000 to the coffers. We each get 8 minutes and hit list so far is:

The Cool Web, Robert GravesInjustice, Pablo NerudaMCMXIV, Philip Larkin

Still not decided final but these three should sound a suitably solemn note… Any suggestions welcome, there is still the possibility that i’ll read one of mine, but as yet these greats have me filling the 8 mins well enough.

As you can see to date I’ve found the support of a few good donors. Having realised we’ve only 2 weeks to go, it’s time to shake that internet tree and see what fruits land in aide of MSF and their impeccable record on refugee support. So if you’ve ever found yourself contemplating the plight of refugees – please give generously! For direct donations to my efforts, please click the screenshot above… For donations to the Team, click the team link above.

Kind thanks from South London!

takers rhyme

Someone takes it all
She knew
There’s someone takes it all
The sick heat of our
everywhere city-heads
crash against the wall

And in the broken bones
Of your crap dreams
Where cash has poisoned thoughts
And done-in trees
There are no wings
Nor cherubim’s

Giants of mirth ground down
She saw
Her giants of mirth ground down
Under weights of debts and pressure
So many ways to grind you down

Someone takes it all she knew
There’s someone takes it all
No floral wisps or sun rays
Dry her tears from this bleak floor

Who takes it all? Do you
Who stands fast taking
All the all?The liars robbing even bile
There’s always more to take
Take more