Ode to a bed

What’s this about the bed of Ware?
The bed of where?
The bed of Ware
I hear it’s big:
Indeed what’s more,
I heard it once slept 44!
Incredible! That’s quite a feat
This bed is more than just a treat
It’s twice as long
and twice as deep
I’ll surely love this coming sleep.*

The Great Bed of Ware

The Great Bed of Ware

*Ironnically those who attempted to sleep in this famous bed would find themselves beaten and bruised in the morning*

Melodious Odious Ode

So, hold me down while I go singing –
bringing mellow glee and ringing
bells of glory, and of sunshine,
down the dark highway connections
of our fast declining times.

And when you get the hectic juice
injecting my electric roots
you’ll still not halt my dulcet hoots
or quell my derisive champing
at your witty bits of rhyme!

You see…
Tomorrow you’ll be over it
recalling what you soon forgit
dispatching your unhappy breath!

And somewhere, maybe in a ditch
a tune will hover over it
from my dark thought’s I’ll still project
the blue rays – and one day I’ll bet
you’ll join my melody with your sweet tune!


The infinite resting place:
An eternal false start
on our great human race.

The last
the least,
the most slowest pace!
This forgotten place
which we left as space?

space man

(c) NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The Recovering Goth

Please pile up your ponce
And pomposity
Line up your laughter
And lick
You’re liquidity
Offer your art up for critique
For query
Open your mind up
In time
To your history

Moth with woman on wings


Blood lovingly spilled
on my ages of past.
Fresh blood dried and red –
a fresh crimson to last!

All the while, now it’s dried up
and curdled
and fresh:
The scabs of tomorrow
scar all today’s flesh.

Purple Thistles High Elms