Gateaux Piment

When you’re short of breath walking up the street
Gateaux Piments

When your jeans hug tight and your buttons squeeze
Gateaux Piments

When you’ve just the time for a sneaky snack
Gateaux Piments

You wake with a start from a sweaty nap
Gateaux Piments

When your itching toes get no soothing scratch
Gateaux Piments

A tasty treat in a handy batch
Gateaux Piments

Part 26 (Likol Mouses)

A play on words, rather than an admission of guilt. Part 26 of Played at a different speed:

Whip it up sliced
like some nice
caught within the hands vice
– power gripping
(evil trip).
The mouse runs;
tries running
– caught tight –
this could be
the last fight!
Struggle free to run
struggling cannot go,
End coming here
and coming near to you
You’re small
and hand’s so big –
to fight free
never leaving here alive
You know it.
Never try
to get our food mouse
(it’s our food mouse)!
Never eat again
dying mice!
This crippling grip,
smell’s evil here.
Mice –
you’ll not go far –
You’re dying

Tomorrow: Part 27

Dirge of the Trepanoid

The Trepanoid laughed
and they ordered his head
to be brought on a plate.
This was calamity!

Boil the water
it’s time for the feed:
in the light of this moon
in this moment of greed.

The meat was red
on the Trepanoid’s back
fished from the pan
to their mouths: Dribble!

Cooked in a minute
devoured in a second
flared in the cooker
now their guts are full.