Dark Is Night

Come the still of morning
there is light.

Dark is night
here the mind is made
of trickery to fright.

Dark is night.
To this
Claim all dark battles
You should fight.

Dark is night
In darker dreams
An inner peace can soar in flight.

Part 25 (Nighting)

asking bastards
falling –
for the oldest,
flaccid makers,
Breaking shakers –
with their maiden dreams –
kept waiting…
Lurid dreams of
maidens making
– shaking,
Bastard’s faking.
up late
hearing mates
acting fakely:
Playing brain games
in dark times!
Hearing shouts
and wait –
for losing entries:
Screams and songs
which fill the night.
Which cause your hate.
Which fill your night
and make it long
and slow,
and drag.
So next the question’s asked:
Who played the hate last night?
Build this wall of music;
blocking outwise noising!
Boisterous ranting
/ Wankers wanking
/ Banging,
for the start of fights –
so quick to spring
and sprung so loudly!
Lying low
and silent,
deftly waiting,
slowly sleeping…
Till the wankers’ gone.

Next up: Part 26

Opposable Thumbs

Carved Hand High Elms

Hey pink fingers
Long on your hand
Do these fingers of fortune
grasp the plan; understand?
Digits of the damned
there’s a reason your curl
closes in on the hand.

The wrath you unravel
and pains
your points start.
The same ‘why?
That placed you so far from our heart.

On the other hand though
’tis sweet caress in your palm.
How can this pink bearer
still action such harm?
As hate leads the pointing
and love guides the strokes
is this balance of power?
Or lust,
or both?
At least with 10 choices
your options are broad
With five left for teasing
You’ve five for the sword!


I see you crush and batter your babe
Smash her sad world in
and still you get laid.
Says that she loves you
you say your love’s hers
Then it’s over and done as you
fuck her then Fuck her!

See that you’re kicking y’ kids in the head.
Kiss them a bruise
as you scare ‘em to bed!
I don’t understand how you father this way:
As their look for you curdles
from love to dismay?

And from here I watch as your fights hit the streets.
Dim fists packing punches
most finished by feet…
As your violence erupts,
each night in the air,
even with this bad blood you are still unaware?

Refrain: Talk is cheap in deed
and grunts just mean.
This is where you lay the seed
that our children glean!

Once more down

Once more down
As romance comes around
Where bad winds blow hard
Drowning poor dogs barks

Once more down
Only noises drown
No springs bring fresh rain
Cracking dried dead drains

Once more down
Violence is still grown
Fighting spills into streets
But even tears no longer weep