From the mouths of babes

Plastic dolls

My daughter’s dolls have got no clothes
I’m trying not to freak
And when I ask her why
She smiles
and makes the wretches speak

I do not like the clothes I have
They really ain’t for me
OK I say to placate her (them?)
Yet she continues this ventriloquy

It’s all the pink and gold she pines
I don’t like it never have
It’s what they sell in the shops I share
Well they should sell more choice – she says – Daaaaad!


Drink to tankers

Oil chokes the sea,
a slippery grasp
a solid struggle
there is nothing done by me:
It’s your sea –
to protect and to hold –
this water’s your body; your soul.
A million miles of glorious water
to revel in,
marvel at,
float in and swim!
Awaiting the tonnage
of gallons of fossil,
to grab and to smother –
this oil choked sea.

Goodbye furry animals
fishes and birds…
Tata we can’t want you
with your useless turds.
I’d rather be rid of you
please drink this water
we give you your fathers
in this black polluter.

Don’t fight it
you creatures
the end will come quickly!
It’s not for our cruelties
there’s really true pity,
but hurry and leave us
sink quietly away
I promise your bodies a plentiful day,
alas you shan’t hold it:
As death comes to slay.