End of the world blues

Two and two is four
Double what you need
I got you girl
You got me

Ah poor boy, treads on the beach
Sea at your knees
Sky within reach
Wind on your back
Sun in your face
Yeah coast boy
End of the world

Hey good girl, feet on the beach
Salt in your hair
Sand on your knees
Tears in your eyes
Smile on your face
Yeah coast girl
End of the world

She got gold, her old soul
He got ink
His hard skin
They got breath
Warm in their throats
Here we are
End of the world


A lighter side of candour.
Slowly time mounts
pressing them down.
Where do all the roads
(where can they) go?
Seen from darkness
rushing by.

Night watchers,
trickling, ebbs of worry gone.
Only in this time,
they’re paid any mind…
Then caught again as light
and leaves just time behind.