Support me

Support me –
Carry me over this hairy frown
When I’m looking glum and Bluesful
Big me up: don’t shake me down!

Give me that large love I know
you used to hold so dear
Call on my talent for smiles
like you once did
when we grew near
I am not whole without you
like half a Custard Cream
going soft
in the barrel of love
Sweet chocolate –
you’re crunchy in my dreams

Give me what I need from you
I’ll gladly rip my heart out
Only say that you’ll beat for me
when my spent blue veins run out.

Happiness (bare)

The most important thing is to have a clear vision
said a blind man
No said a short woman
the most important thing is to aspire to be higher
I disagree said a disagreeably large lad –
if you are thin you are happy
Or if one can hear
signed the deaf.
How can you not elect freedom of movement,
a prisoner whispered
And freedom of thought,
wrote a secretive girl
(from an undisclosed address)

On the other hand, enquired a gay guy –
acceptance is highly important to happiness,
Or maybe ones individuality brings joy
nodded a follower from amongst a crowd!
Happiness beams from the pages of books
contested an illiterate sexagenarian.
From the love of cherished offspring
sang a barren couple
From the voices of angels,
growled coarse throated smokers.
No! Please understand that happiness belongs to Men!
Gushed a feminist.
To the well-endowed
whispered a small fellow.
Surely the happiness you seek lies in the warmth of community
hollered the lonely crofter
from an isolated mountain croft…

There’s always a reason,
a question or tease
to ignite every hour as it flies…
Happy hum – bright smile,
pleased bounce
warm heart.
Knowing your peace through what may turn out lies.