The Horse and the Cat

Where are you bound cat?
Asked a horse in dulcet tones
Why ask you?
Are you interested in my goings
or comings?
The cat replied.
You, puss,
the horse whinnied.
are too impertinent for my liking!
You – dear horse – are too ignorant for a horse.

This said, the cat rubbed it’s body about the great calves of the equine!
And you, generous feline, are too
bold for a creature of your minority.
Shall we walk?
The cat moved off,
the horse followed.

What a glorious day!
Remarked the cat as they wandered
out to rolling landscapes.
I agree.
Was the horses only exclamation.
Now shall we not continue?
The cat seemed restless.
No; you are correct!

A cloud enveloped them
and the horse,
(in its giant monstrosity)
and the cat,
(in its sly minority)
became one.

The mighty sun beat down on vacant stables
Through the dark our moon glowed on nights effluent stream.


A magic standard gas lover
fell tragic to your arms.
So life fled quickly gushing
so little life left – gone!

Your hazy lady caught you,
a measured catch and true.
Where once you saw times mystery –
now stood loves lady new!

Was this to be our final strut
the tired late risers failing?
A love, though strong, much lacking –
a potent force, harsh; abrupt.

Morning Tongue

Morning tongue my furry pink pal
It’s time now to wriggle
and rise up, yes now
Are you ready to lick on at life
and click time
In my warm cosy head
Are you fine with this mind?

So my morning tongue, bit swollen:
Furred with our parties of night
last night
In today’s clean morning promise
Get ready to translate –
To curl and roll over
To cut and rebut
And be nice

Young Love

Too late for creation
Mike jumped off his bike
Rolled though the forests of azure!

Swift as the bumble dance
Hot in July
The race for ache placement was sure.

All this while Phoebe grew
Large as a house
As she sat knitting scarves at the shore

And cried every evening
For someone she missed
But when asked to name names she missed more


You can’t paint all beauty in one colour
You won’t solve all riddles with one brain
You can’t right all wrongs with one rule
And you’ll never fill all guts with just one grain!
You can’t be all people with one skin
You just can’t be all night with only one sun
You can’t know all love with one heart
You shouldn’t tell all tales in one tongue
You couldn’t plant all forests with one seed
You can’t cure all sick with one pill
And you can’t live a life in just one day
You can’t only be day with one night still
You can’t be all to everyone
or everything to one
Yet we can all be, under one God?

The Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun, William Blake

The Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun, William Blake

Avenged Beast

Suffer in silence
insolent pig!
Grovel your sorrows
tragic cow!
Pray for forgiveness
wretched dog!
Show not contempt
pathetic beast!

When you were not so lowly
not cowering on the ground –
you spat upon my helpless corpse
I needed not your curses;
so when your dying starts to bite
how can you expect forgiveness?

Now you are going, insolent pig.
I know not where
tragic cow.
I will not watch wretched dog…
I do not care.
Pathetic beast.

Papparizlas (witchhunt)

Breezes fill my head!
She said, when asked
which life she’d take to bed.
What stupid question’s this?
She’d say, when questioned on replies she made.
My life’s just twice as fast as yours;
not saying that you all are bores!
But this one life I live’s not yours,
so please don’t like me to the whores!

But you’ve the choice of 2!
They’d brag – all confident, she was the Slag!
So never once kept in the bag –
their noisy claims
to have blagged the Hag.
I twice assure you – I’m just the one
I’ve always been this one
just me!
My lives all thought and told by you
remain to me a mystery.

You lying Tramp!
You’re twice the lass:
With one so sweet
and one with Brass!
We call your ID to the frame,
to watch you squirm
and shirk the blame.
Good grief! You kiddies,
you blind blokes!
Your blatant shite brings on these chokes.
This second life of Gawd Hussy
was never once lived out by me!

So whipped and shifted,
hyped and freed –
The stupid left the brave lady
and as the last one shut the door;
Her Crimson rose
and belched a ROAR!
And this then –
beast, which stalks at night –
sometimes breaks free when nought is light.

Not Waving But Cloning

A question, great scientists,
pillars of reason…
Why on our flesh do you action such treason?
This age of laboratory –
The light age, such wisdom!
Yet here you touch ‘God’
for your own private reasons.

A well!
A Tsunami!
A Mountain of cries –
underscores our crying WHY? To your lies.
While wielding the power
you wield on our lives
these copies you seek only light up Your eyes!

Tomorrow we’ll fathom you out
in the depths of our future
your lies will die out…
Then surrounded by bodies
and buried in gore
at last in our blood you’ll explain what it’s for…

let it be more than greed.
Or a need
just to prove it can be!
We’ve no need
to believe.


Feel it from under
The crack of clouds collapsing holds your whole parched world in wonder
Pitter patter starts and mighty
Drenches all asunder
That heat that held us
Close and breathing
Hard and hot is undone
For skies, turgid with blue,
Belch forth great torrents
Drawn from under
Tonight is blown clear
Shattered by an air whom bellows

Ode to Smokey (2000)

This lazy grey cat won’t hush!
She’s worse at night:
At night it’s quiet all about;
At night she sits by the door
Crooning in the dark
for sympathy?
For warmth?
For love?!
We’re hard.
At night, outside in the cold and dark,
this lazy grey cat won’t hush!

Drink to tankers

Oil chokes the sea,
a slippery grasp
a solid struggle
there is nothing done by me:
It’s your sea –
to protect and to hold –
this water’s your body; your soul.
A million miles of glorious water
to revel in,
marvel at,
float in and swim!
Awaiting the tonnage
of gallons of fossil,
to grab and to smother –
this oil choked sea.

Goodbye furry animals
fishes and birds…
Tata we can’t want you
with your useless turds.
I’d rather be rid of you
please drink this water
we give you your fathers
in this black polluter.

Don’t fight it
you creatures
the end will come quickly!
It’s not for our cruelties
there’s really true pity,
but hurry and leave us
sink quietly away
I promise your bodies a plentiful day,
alas you shan’t hold it:
As death comes to slay.