A Terse 3 Verser

This bleak streak
Of weaknesses
Conspires to undermine
Our promises

Your clear dark stare
Remembers love
My baleful pale blue
Needs more of yours

So in that needle point
Of passions flame
Save those embers
For our latest game


In another room
An age away
Another us
Rips the night apart
We curl a tune
And drag
A line of thought
Limping like a broken dream
To drown, face down
In our puddles of beer and tea
Washed ashore in perpetuity
on our islands of cakes
In those valleys of skunks

Through a portent,
Unfathomable universes,
Diverse from ours, away,
Another us
Reaps the rewards of climbing the stars
Of sacrifices moody and unwholesome
Compromising breath of the soul itself,
Each in reward for renown
For compensation so vast and improbable that
merely reaching the heart of others,
Has immeasurably enhanced
The quality as well as status
Each of us – in this other world – enjoy.

Some blurred echo of those thoughts
Expressed above
Retain a tenuous grip in the
Blank planes of
My particular memories.
Forging bearable apology
For having squandered
Such time
And exhausted such energy.

The Horse and the Cat

Where are you bound cat?
Asked a horse in dulcet tones
Why ask you?
Are you interested in my goings
or comings?
The cat replied.
You, puss,
the horse whinnied.
are too impertinent for my liking!
You – dear horse – are too ignorant for a horse.

This said, the cat rubbed it’s body about the great calves of the equine!
And you, generous feline, are too
bold for a creature of your minority.
Shall we walk?
The cat moved off,
the horse followed.

What a glorious day!
Remarked the cat as they wandered
out to rolling landscapes.
I agree.
Was the horses only exclamation.
Now shall we not continue?
The cat seemed restless.
No; you are correct!

A cloud enveloped them
and the horse,
(in its giant monstrosity)
and the cat,
(in its sly minority)
became one.

The mighty sun beat down on vacant stables
Through the dark our moon glowed on nights effluent stream.


This balmy March night
is sweetly delicious
A purple-filled, cloud-coloured sky
saturated in pollen
Licks at my face
Caressing and exciting me
a carefree jubilant love, warm
enticing and gorgeously fresh!

How about this night
so lithe and fascinating
Spectral whirs of light
and smells fill my head
as the sky whirs on.
Sweet sweet March.

I Love Shopping (for Coffee)

Hot morning, must want eggs to milk your bacon good.
Do we hug what delicious get-up the bad wireless need?

Cook a sugar dad meal like lunch
we cool to mum and tea
My cable butter
today calls me;

Stop paying more, yes?
Want bad lunch hug and,
need to get hot butter to it.


  • a poem written using magnets on a friends fridge, some time ago… A lone survivor of many magnetic poems – perhaps this was the best?
  • nb – this was written when wireless used to mean radio!

2017: January Pre-Mourning

The night before the work starts
Our streets echo with lone travellers
This night of cold clear dread
As the new year shakes free
Of it’s champagne and fireworks
A mighty muted still
Fills up the dark

And in the raging dreams
Of all these people in their beds
Uncertain and alone in today’s cold sleep
Questions of fragility
Feed our hunger for dread
Spoiling this last bedtime
With what tomorrow brings

Outside in some dark corner
Of a Southern London home
I ponder how few deaths make many mourn
The slaps of conflict beat
Fresh tears from more bored eyes
Yet each hour too much life
Is bled and crushed in horror

For one more year has come on us
And forseers contort with doom
Such angry rhetoric, such mounting gloom
Yet this new year is not foretold
And harbours chances new
There’s not time to conjure lies
Just time to start the world.

The end of the world news, Ankakay via Flickr

The end of the world news, Ankakay via Flickr

Another 1

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 16.47.55

Text: Adam Bujons, image (c) http://www.shutterstock.com/th/video/clip-7402507-stock-footage-white-feathers-spurt-alpha-fast-flying-animation-with-transparent-back-as-transition.html


There once was a dancer
a furtive entrancer

Androgyny performer
The dancer was known
Through a land empty – walking,
and fumbling and talking –
no others would dance
and no others would sing.

So singular dancer
well rounded and good,
would dance to their music
(and sing for their feet)
while our land free of movement
watched dancing the treat.

There once was a dancer
lone song in the din

A colour ambassador
flute chanting its rhyme
throughout lands of grey
by peoples dismay
and this dancing entrancer
caught up all the day

While a light shone its lightness
while the muffled birds watch
as time moved abruptly
to a well measured tune
So brightness was shared
by a dance in the noon

There once was a dancer
crowned colour through grey

A dancer still dancing
To nobodies songs.

Land Gone Wrong

Finish it, land the final blow!
End this petty session
in life that always carries on!
Nothing left
and not a note to follow.
Take last shouts and Bellow…
There’s no one left to see the end;
This end!

I saw!
I, me!
I was there (among the crowds ~
the ones too quiet /
the few too loud).
The first day, week, month
then the year!
It was all set fine
so fine so near.
A bright beginning – freshest starts,
grabbed all the attentions
of fresh starry hearts…
Dragging them,
pulling them,
coaxing them on!
Those hearts that were keen ~
these hearts that belong
to the new ones
the fresh ones.
These beasts from the start!

And pretty were tunes
and beauteous songs ~
A land was delivered;
a hope without wrongs.
All of us hearts – crammed,
stuck to the brim!
But we loved it
and breathed it
and lived for the grin.
This new time was naked and nimble
we knew it;
our privileged parties just living along…
well treated
well governed and loved!
In their ignorant rapture ~
we drank and were drunk…

Then slow
it turned sour:
Though new,
not denied,
not quite new enough!
And though nobody lied,
there was no full truths taken ~
no fresh breaths of air…
So: slowly
we grasped it,
us budding bright hearts.
The ones who had followed:
the ones most beguiled.
A raucous mass
an order now failed.

So here’s where you enter
the end of old news.
The fall of more loved ones
all hearts cracked
en mass…
A tender old tale,
the past all encased
but now we are lost now,
and losing our way.
This new land was pretty ~
yet fated to change!
We killed it
and broke it.
Lost lowly, and dying
a few of us cheered
but most were left crying!
It’s finished
it faltered.
We move on to the


My pretty dame.
I will meet you again

in distant time

I love your eyes
your sweet smile, pretty,
and quietly close
I sing this ditty.

Musical Dawn

When that Black thatch
with them Blue eyes
shook the old cat
out of White lies:
Swiftly all the noise
of morning broke.

And this Grey crowd
full of Red heads
caught great Pink clouds
‘cross their cold beds…
And it dawned on!

Then tears soaked each side
and washed all colours clean
bleaching each bright with pride
– shining through what they mean:
Only the Gold sun left reflections
on this gory scene.

Devilishly Quick

devilishly quick

image: http://ghostblade-13.deviantart.com/art/She-Has-Ghost-Eyes-138428202 words: Bujonswords

The Stars

streak above tree tops
Sparkling for a spinning Earth to top
Burning light for a million miles
Shining back on upturned smiles

While heavy clouds sigh in the breeze
Impossible masses floating with ease
Descending into our world below
Spreading their cold and ominous glow

Fake light sombre in the clouds
Hidden faces deep in shrouds
Like a child lost in a crowd
Do you know where you are bound?

Steep are hills we tried to climb
Steep is your mind I tried to find
Afloat on your misted peak
Bloated features; out of reach

Part 23 (Teletart)

So he sits up
in the nights
to write?
He’s lying;
watches tele late
and early
sees nobody,
Days roll on,
and on,
– says he writes?
The liar never!
with his square eyes
seeing others
living their lives:
He never sees
those real
Stays indoors
and hides
from people –
it’s his lot!
But not his fault.
The writer’s
got no
real people,
but a frenzy
– pictured frenzy –
bending mind
and hold,
on real life…
there’s overflow
of telling
fancy tales
which should be told.

And next: Part 24.

Message From Moon To June [31-11-2101]

Heras sunset

Bip. Bip. Bip.
»Connecting Call»
»You have 1 new message.
Received 18:10 from Lunaropolis»
»June, I can see so clear
from here.
At dawn the sun, white as pearl,
peeled back my eyelids…
I floated to the portal
and smiled on beautiful blue home –
you all look so sweet and content
from ½ a million miles away.
I see there were storms over Africa yesterday
hope they don’t reach you.

Anyhow June
I’ve landed a job:
Grinding down the rock on the floor
of our new hotel.
Shines up a treat,
can’t wait for you to reflect in it.
The food gets better everyday
and tomorrow a new plant adds to our oxygen.
Must be good…

Sorry to catch you out,
just wondering when you’re next off?
E-me your rota – I think May’s good?
So, I’m off for some basketball tonight
(amazing game in low grav.).
C U L8R.
Dave. »
Bip. Bip. Bip
»To repeat message please press 1.
To delete press 7.
To reply press 9, pinch your nose
and speak slowly after the tone»

Poor Stoney’s Plans Scuppered Again

He happened upon a bath
in which he figured ‘t would be a laugh,
that – sunk in that bath he’d sit
and lick smoke from a lazy spliff!

Huddled down and soaking clean
A joyous feeling crept inside
and with the tide, thoughts lapped at dreams –
clambered grimly bridges wide –
and, lightly grasped a brighter side…

From such elation…
Surely a humbling height to tumble from!
The ensuing reversal of fortunes
reads adverse and, at worse, prompts distortions:

…You astute will have spotted a cloud (rich and green –
with poor Stoneys name scrawled in big curls
whisps and whirls)
well this cloud sought escape;
as befits such big green!

As would happen that day there were sniffers about
Sniffing a smell that they’d all then sniff out!!
So this brought them flocking (think the wind changed, twice!)
with their noses all up, and – all twitching like mice…

Thus they sniffed him out –
Dragged him out –
Threw him out and
Locked him out!
…erroneous twerps, I hear you mutter – utterly fair…
And here you have entered
so late in my day
I’ve been washed, mashed, bashed, hassled:
I feel half blown away!

Tonight indeed the green is mean,
lovingly sweet and judiciously keen!
Now is time, to brightly fly –
Paint your own pictures on this blue sky!

Bath smoke sketch

A Vocal Local Recalls (lost?) Love

And slow in my mind
All your actions collide
Each memory of moments is laid in place
This one-at-a-time
With no privilege or grace
That takes time to recall each sweet smile of your face

Oh how great
Even how sweet
The waves of time lap clear
How great
Oh how sweet that
In time my memory runs clear

So long ago you seem to be
Fogged in mists in history
Just with time
And a hint or tease
Every part of your lips returns to me


This is midnight calling
Come in sleeper number four
Hello this is midnight calling
They’re waiting at your door

Sleeper four your time is up
They’re ready with your dreams
These people get paid by the hour
And you’re wasting precious bleems

Now sleeper that is quite enough
You’ve had your time awake
Turn in now please or be prepared
To lose your dreaming space

Well thank you now you’re seeing sense
You’re dropping off at last
Your time is pretty wasted though
So do your dreaming fast


Wake up! Get up! That’s it time’s up
Come on your time has gone
Stop moaning and get up you bum
You heard – your dreams’ now flown

This is midnight calling
Come in sleepers five and six
Hello this is midnight calling
Now’s time for your dream fix

Night Love

Say please when I plea
won’t you come home with me
When I fall at your feet
call me sweet
not a creep

Ask for beer with our lasagne
then I’ll know I’m with a lady
and I’ll toast your love
my lover
as the drinks drown down our feasting

And the night
will come as quickly
but I’ll drag it out so slowly
so your love can flow as roughly
lasting morning through till sunlight

For with you: you make me shine
that way we’re filling all my time.
Not a moment gets ‘way free
whilst you dance this night with me.

Then in the morning
when it comes
you’re free to let me down and go
for that last night you’re solely mine
a body breathing in my mind.

Lies Before the Storm

Remorse addles my memories
Pocketing each bliss afternoon
With the passions of night
The crimson rivers of my beautiful flesh
Lap the poison down
Sweet honey

Where do I want to be?
With my bad habits
and bad thoughts
Racking brains daily for other ways to see…
Rocking my bed hotly
(With hot rocks you understand
not hot rocking!)

My beautiful body
And rugged face
Lies blatant and huge
As this heart fights to keep pace.

Random Dinosaurs from Crystal Palace