Who’s the hoo?

Who are your groups?
Blue groups
Blue groups

From where do they come?
Black lands
Dark skies

Who are your groups?
New groups
New groups

What do they know?
Black laughs
Dark lies

What do you wish for
bringing groups like yours here?
Bringing dreams full of shadows
hung with half-grand ideas?

What do you wish for?
What do you want?
How long have you waited?
How deep is your love?

Who are your groups
who have havoc to wreak?
Who laugh through the blood dripping smoke that you breathe?

These, your people,
Your troupes
Your troops

Who are your groups?
Who’s designs
lie on you?


And brush a thought free

Warmly in embrace you lie
brushing ears with slumbers sigh
flesh pressed close in dreams
In night breeze
where no light breaks
Your glued tight eyes flicker
breast heaves
lips mouth silent ethereal chat


[reposted, from 2011]

Chewing it over

Bite chew swallow big bite long chew

A thousand made up half made thoughts
Invade my concave mind
I find
A hundred maybe less I grasp
And try to keep them to a side
Yet every day
More thoughts invade
I lose so much in time

Then somedays
Caught on curves
An idea comes to mind

Here in this brief fleet
I play
Tugging sharp and forced
Until that one kept idea lays
Ripped through
And worse

Alas the balance seldom wins
So few these great thoughts rain
Into another day
A thousand thoughts
Swirl in and out my brain
As watching them I bite and chew
Bite chew slow
And swallow

Righteous Sprite

One fat big cold hardcore night
A big fat hardcore sprite took flight
A loud shrill screech pitched far too high
Blew the night black on the sky

Stalking lives not lived quite right
Well in the eyes of this righteous sprite
Alone it skipped and whirled in skies
Lit bleakly except by its own eyes

And swooped
Bit down bit hard
Sharp bite
Found yet another half-lived life

Young Love

Too late for creation
Mike jumped off his bike
Rolled though the forests of azure!

Swift as the bumble dance
Hot in July
The race for ache placement was sure.

All this while Phoebe grew
Large as a house
As she sat knitting scarves at the shore

And cried every evening
For someone she missed
But when asked to name names she missed more

takers rhyme

Someone takes it all
She knew
There’s someone takes it all
The sick heat of our
everywhere city-heads
crash against the wall

And in the broken bones
Of your crap dreams
Where cash has poisoned thoughts
And done-in trees
There are no wings
Nor cherubim’s

Giants of mirth ground down
She saw
Her giants of mirth ground down
Under weights of debts and pressure
So many ways to grind you down

Someone takes it all she knew
There’s someone takes it all
No floral wisps or sun rays
Dry her tears from this bleak floor

Who takes it all? Do you
Who stands fast taking
All the all?The liars robbing even bile
There’s always more to take
Take more

Hilltop Blues

I stood up on the top of a hill
Pretty damn pleased about the way I feel
Looking around
saw you in town
Seems like you took a make you feel ill pill

You aint got no
You aint got no
You aint got no
Soul mind

Crying out loud at the end of a shore
I gotta find out what makes you so sore
Ask you straight
You lie and wait
Can’t understand what you so angry about for?

You aint got no
You aint got no
You aint got no
Soul mind


Cults of criminal violence breathe
Inhaling youth
Exhaling disease
Regularly stealing hopes and enjoyment
Cursing hard workers
And praising deceit

Where is your milkround, realm of the damned?
How do the misfits
Somehow find your band?
As the gravitas simply pulls all to your feet
only those like minded hardballs think freely!

At night when you’re busy
All calm and unwise
Don’t let my bleak torch
Burn truth in your eyes
Digital con’s, or pickpocket prizes
Broad as this country
You’ve no more surprises!

Lost only heart things
And not much there to start
Each day out to strike
May be one day your last.


My sore friend
His heart
It stuck in her throat
Sad day
She cried, he lied
He cried they tried
Poor sore pal
Lost hope
No dope
Got gal, oh how!
Drops fall
And rolling off sour cheeks
The tracks tears leave
Dry slow


Only in real worlds of fire
Burning images
On your retinas
Only in the answers lie
Your dreams among
Those wise light eyes.

…and pages crackle

In your head the static voices crackle
scraping mem’ries thoughts ideas

The static mounts its attack
and outside your small head the empty
weightlessness of air is full

Your time itself fizzes as it’s interfered
As the space where you mull comes alive

So all the while this interference wracks your life
Or so you know
no driven point or goal
Nothing dear to concentrate your time
Focusing on dreams or routes that
heighten your life and times

Once more down

Once more down
As romance comes around
Where bad winds blow hard
Drowning poor dogs barks

Once more down
Only noises drown
No springs bring fresh rain
Cracking dried dead drains

Once more down
Violence is still grown
Fighting spills into streets
But even tears no longer weep


Dreaming of Daybreak

Grinding tracks far off
Announce the final train is home
While shrieks of drink freed wit drift by
To signal nights fun done

Just out our sight
In the cold
Here dark windows echo sounds
Driven out from eternal roads

Within this place of note
Deep breathing
Clouds the night with sighs
Not hushed by talk
Or fear of streets alive with scraps and cries

Dreams grab eyeballs tight
Worn tired by taking it all in
Shaking fragile visions free
To let what comes tomorrow in.

Do dreams of flying
Race towards the sun before it breaks
What distances these flickering sleepers
Strive, so oft, to make?

Waiting for yo’ train

Time turns a blind eye
as our atoms collide
Your side against mine
Clocking another slow ride

Yesterday’s dreams
they were bluer than sea
There was even a breeze
warmly breathing the trees

And believe me
the deep history you bring along
sometimes troubles the beat
of my simple song

Forget that though now
Lose the thought from your main brain
and join me once again
on the early train
the fast track
Our gravy train
From love and back

Singular Heart

Out of the reach of love
Standing clear of the paths that others dream of
How did you get so lost?
So far from warm hearts in this long frost
When worlds get close enough to touch
Your lonely tide draws all heat off

Here’s no blind old preacher
Crushed by the weight of a heart breached!
Just turning the other cheek
Keeping thoughts clear and pain out of reach

A rising chorus of lovers wail
for lost chance and misdirection
Somehow your drive is stuck on fail
When teased with a threat of emotion
And this shield that is fear’s
Some coarse protection

Unwilling to tempt a hope of union
So you stand clear of the
rough hewn path
And let those pass
Who promise what love desires…

Lost Rooms in Big Houses

Onwards and upwards
All qualms escalate
Until early on Thursday
In the rooms of the great

Someone raised crisis
Someone dragged up dismay
Profit asked for freedom
Who (we can guess) couldn’t play

This dawn of confusion
Sharply brought to a halt
Thanks to warm rays of sunshine
Heaping hearts from the cold

Dressing up

No time for black ties?
No eyes for surprise
Or ears for your new lies
Devised by the wise!

So rustle through wardrobes
release through those blue clothes
That as dusk to night grows
Simply light up where dreams blow

Tomorrow the sun shines
– this means –
Tonight squeeze your time
Burn the fire in your mind
Feel loves tight spring unwind

Saturday the 13th

Tremors of confusion wrack your mind
And you’re too bonkers lost to think in time
So taking your own misery
Too seriously to grin
The laps of speedy craziness
Spiral around then in

Other peoples’ screams of joy seep
Through a split ‘tween glass and wood
Where in your house
The echoes of this delight
Bounce round your ears
And shake them good

But it’s not happiness you gleen from this
As sour grit grinds your grinding teeth
Even as the rest of town
Erupts, lost in excitement,
The tears that smear your moribund cheeks
Are not loose with relief

Oh poisoned mind
Dumb angry blind
For another swift day
Why waste these thoughts
Why curse your time
Take stock
Feel alive
Live your way.


Sung long and round o hills
How high and vast your tracks
Hang low break slow o hills
Dip your grand hat high sun

Daytime by

In the morning with the tide I rise
and set off against its ebb and scrape

On the other side of this great town
work wears me out but don’t grind me down

And fresh each eve my return is glad
buoyed by this home we make

Aside the river still in tide
that fills my toothy smile so great

O sweet home and life swims by
so happy in London’s’ lung

Each day too early up I get
and break stride with the millions

A swift year this has sped me by
now chomping my mind wonders

How can I check this time’s not wasted
this promise that offers so much