Lazy Boy

Busy days
Ain’t got the strength
To blow these blues away
Worth no money
Got no food
This mind state set
With no wants but you.


Just before he sleeps abed
He sings the tunes played in his head
These minute rhymes and dainty songs
Are his to sing, to hum alone

As noises all about are blocked
The sounds heard here are safely locked
Within the passages of his mind
And so they stay: Regressed in time.

clouds 2007


The Gods have awoken
and they are smiling!
Not at you
but – for sakes scream – with you!
And you Whoop!
For now is the real time
of recompense.


image: Jean-Jacques Henner, words: Bujonswords

image: Jean-Jacques Henner, words: Bujonswords


image: Stormgirl161 (, words: Bujonswords

image: Stormgirl161 (, words: Bujonswords

Just before the end of night

Got to sleep I so tired – got to
close my sleepy eyes try to shut
down rest now lay down get some
night right on my side

Every heavy blink I fight seconds
eat away this night fighting
morning time from bright light
sleepy eyes!

Mosquito Night

mosquito night

Image: Wikipedia, Words: Bujonswords

Skeletal Beach

dead trees


Image: Keith Evans, Words: Bujonswords.



The Gods have awoken
and they are smiling!
Not at you
but – for sakes scream – with you!
Your hearty laugh,
for now is the real time
of recompense.

Grey Air

Clouds announce their entrance
as they camouflage the sun.
Though I know that they are many,
their appearance is as one…

A coldly breeze envelopes me
then follows certain rain:
This does not cast a cloud o’er me –
I’ll know the sun again.


Writers Block 1 by Drew Coffman

Image: Writer’s Block 1 by Drew Coffman, Words: Bujonswords


A house harbours a mouse
Music she plays that she likes
Dancing, so loud on soft ears
Shouting tunes from her mousey mouth.Mouse

Lost for words

lost for words


words: Bujonswords


Pain seeks to find a source
In the process no one ever thought
Left in the dark to find the self inside
So much self inside – better to hide



The sky she sits on
I cannot reach
I climb as high as I am able
She catches my eye and restarts her tease!

Lurve Thang!

I am so into you
I am so into you
Like the sky is blue on sunny afternoons
Like our blood flows red as I look in your eyes
Like this bird song when I call your name
I am so into you
so into you.


The infinite resting place:
An eternal false start
on our great human race.

The last
the least,
the most slowest pace!
This forgotten place
which we left as space?

space man

(c) NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Song from the shops

and crazy airs-of-graces
Slew my love
so quick, to call her dead!
Culled so young
and cruelly filled with fluid…
Slid to death –
the slide was in her head.


Monotonous feet echo in clattering silence,
wind gorges down narrow escapes,
a can rattles towards its end,
trees rustle their dew-heavy leaves.
Dark is cast and clouds spread wide
(while a cat, somewhere screams – like a child).
The first drops are washed away
drains are soon filled by the cascades.


star 3403

I am a shooting star
I am the ball
I soar through eyes that
last time turned in time to see my fall.

Inch by itching inch
This life’s
Now setting firm
a broad base made of my broken lives
from long before