I believe there’s a better way. It’s tough to grasp or understand but it is here, right now: for all of us (I don’t mean God – I don’t mind God; but don’t mean God). Thought, courage, interest and passion; some music and of course cigarettes and alcohol (which I never quit quitting….)

There is great strength in well put verse, great vibration in heart-felt speech and there is tremendous verve in orchestrated commentary that is succinct, personal, honest and based in love.

We are all capable and beautiful. We all start out equal and, through living a life aimed at enhancing the lives of those around you, life will be richer and more pleasant for you and also for those you love. Hopefully, through reading some of my poems and ideas, you can share in some of the majesty I experience for this awesome life we live. Perhaps you will feel that you can share your excellent ideas of making the most of this great adventure, thereby perpetuating the greatness of it all.

The goal is to push the buttons I can reach – enjoying the simplicity of all that modernity can supply.

Having started writing in the 90’s, much of the work here is older than the 2011 start date of this blogging adventure. There will be new verse mixed with old and the categories reflect vague collections of the work – the oldest being ‘Morning Tongue‘.

Embarking on this journey to share my own poetry, the appalling number and nature of Adam Harts already searchable led me to bastardise my last name – merging paternal and maternal family names to create Bujons – at the time, there was only 1 Adam Bujons on the web (this one), and the bujonswords address meant an easy and oddly memorable name for sharing. So I write under this pseudonym… It also means I can lead an exciting double life! However, I am real; a teacher, husband and dad of two. I’m an eldest sibling from east coast UK and currently live in South London.

I hope you enjoy the 366 works of personal views that I will eventually share on this site. I’m also on Twitter.

phooning about

p.s. There are, of course, people about, who are keen to destroy and devalue these sorts of ideas. Fair play – I only said we start out equal.

The question becomes what is going to improve the quality of life: detracting from others or reinforcing your self? By which I mean. Life is short.

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