Atomic Ironic

They asked us to build
An island to build a base to
Build a gun on
They asked us to build
An island to build a town on
To get blown up
They got us to build these
Far from home
On the other side of the planet
An impossible task
Taking miles of man hours
And costing an aeon of money

We spent our time
Breaking the codes of the atom
Building the biggest
The wildest, the newest
Securing our seat
At the side of the mighty
Wasting our atmosphere
Nuking the air
To check
That no further threats
Grew anywhere…

2 thoughts on “Atomic Ironic

  1. The terrible history of becoming a ‘superpower’. There’s this story of how the Brits raced to create somewhere to test our first nukes – to the extent of building an island so we could detonate a bomb… bonkers! All so that the US would take us seriously when negotiating peace for the future… and all we hear in the UK is how malevolent smokers and people on benefit are?!?

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