The Last Word

These fucking fuckers
Fucking up our lives
For their personal stake
In our political state
Sucking our lives dry
Leading fates awry
Leaving fears to dry

And this comment’ry
That comedy
Which tries to make it seem alright
Is now as bad
And ignorant
As the fuckers so merrily fucking us
So shame on me
for plugging in
For staying tuned and trying
How sorely fucked the feeling is
As wit washes over this fucking
It’s us,
it’s you,
it’s me
That’s really surely fucking up
I hardly ever knew the game
Yet know that I’m now
Royally f**ked


2 thoughts on “The Last Word

  1. Hi Adam, loved this.I think you are really in tune with what is happening. In a way, I think it’s a curse. We feel too much and always wind up disappointed in people.

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  2. Apreciated! I think I got frustrated by the i-politicians and then realised that satirists and social commentators seem to just perpetuate this self-serving environment by normalising the criminality of profiting from societal miseries… tragic!


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