Key words

I keep forgetting to keep doing this… but often remember the words…


Kick back,
take stock,
Accept where you’re at:
ease the fret
from your mind.
Take an open account
of your life
and of those
who make colour and add
to the light of our kind.

Be free
in your head.
Be steady
be true –
as open to change
as the clouds are to blue.
Stay focused,
keep rhythmic
and new.
During spiralling lies
sincerely be you.

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3 thoughts on “Key words

  1. Thanks for the drop-by. There’s so much to take in, here on WordPress (let alone all the rest) that I’m always surprised and happified when anyone passes through my posts more than once.
    You seem to be successfully wrestling with online dragons for your followers and clearing them a path through to web success. Long may you reign!
    Thanks to your prompt I have taken another look outside ‘reader’ and found more delights to inspire me.

    Liked by 1 person

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