Sweet short

Here she sits a lady truly blue
Sweet heart lays in her lap for you
She whispers some sweet treat in time
And blurs the lines of your afternoon

Like something is wrong
In the tune in her song
Like something has left
She has sung it so long

She’s your silent Dido – carved of stone
Living in a life you dreamed was blown
As shadows stretch and rise and die
Your night lights with her white-rose tone

[revisited from Dec 2012]

3 thoughts on “Sweet short

  1. this is a little unfinished and a little wrong somewhere but not sure where… Any ideas would be quite nice to hear. Will be using Soundcloud soon; to help me work out my voice… ahem…


  2. I am not a poet and can’t give you any advice, but I like the line “And blurs the lines of your afternoon.”

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