Musical Dawn

When that Black thatch
with them Blue eyes
shook the old cat
out of White lies:
Swiftly all the noise
of morning broke.

And this Grey crowd
full of Red heads
caught great Pink clouds
‘cross their cold beds…
And it dawned on!

Then tears soaked each side
and washed all colours clean
bleaching each bright with pride
– shining through what they mean:
Only the Gold sun left reflections
on this gory scene.

2 thoughts on “Musical Dawn

  1. Before Mary was a respectable nanny, she enjoyed the riotous life of youth. One morning she woke up with a man, with a wooden leg, named Smith… This is what it was probably like in those beautiful early morning moments, just as the panic set in trying to find his other leg!
    (There was no Poppins in mind when I wrote this, but, for your reference and imagining her enjoying this grotty, post-party awakening; Thank you!)


  2. Okay -most of the time I get it -but I don’t understand the twist of words here. Yet, I like it. It opens up lots of fun, in my mind. IT reminds me of Mary Poppins or that newer version of her -Nanny McPhee kinda of surroundings and goings on. If it isn’t meant for something fun -well, I’m really out there. Still, again, I enjoyed it.

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