Message From Moon To June [31-11-2101]

Heras sunset

Bip. Bip. Bip.
»Connecting Call»
»You have 1 new message.
Received 18:10 from Lunaropolis»
»June, I can see so clear
from here.
At dawn the sun, white as pearl,
peeled back my eyelids…
I floated to the portal
and smiled on beautiful blue home –
you all look so sweet and content
from ½ a million miles away.
I see there were storms over Africa yesterday
hope they don’t reach you.

Anyhow June
I’ve landed a job:
Grinding down the rock on the floor
of our new hotel.
Shines up a treat,
can’t wait for you to reflect in it.
The food gets better everyday
and tomorrow a new plant adds to our oxygen.
Must be good…

Sorry to catch you out,
just wondering when you’re next off?
E-me your rota – I think May’s good?
So, I’m off for some basketball tonight
(amazing game in low grav.).
C U L8R.
Dave. »
Bip. Bip. Bip
»To repeat message please press 1.
To delete press 7.
To reply press 9, pinch your nose
and speak slowly after the tone»

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