To Each Their Own

Everybody’s different baby
And they’re not ALL after you
You can appreciate others pathways
Don’t waste thought
on what they think of you.

Chill out, like a cucumber,
Live like it’s all about you
Kerb the melancholy that pokes your days,
don’t let your sad juice bleach all blue

Where does all this ire rise from
Who made your life so dire
Perhaps you need awakening
Something to re-fire those hearts desire

5 thoughts on “To Each Their Own

  1. I love the first verse, people nowadays cares about pleasing others instead of themselves. You hit the nail right on the head my friend. Good advice on a great write.

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  2. This is really rather captivating, filled with many truths. So many great and colorful lines, I especially like, “don’t let your sad juice bleach all blue”. I just love the idea of words painting pictures, this poem does just that! Wonderful, thank you!


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