Sightlessly Hopeful

Smoking Utopia
Numbly draining
unstraight thinkingness –
Self-image confusory.
Temporal aching for focus.
What if one’s already on the greenest side of the fence?

Blankly hankering
(insolvent lungful),
regurgatory states
where memory plays the strongest link!
My weakest link,
my thoughts…
Feelings of floatyness
blankness – like a virgin canvas.

Body painage.
Recently used-up
everyday the cycle uses me more.
Old and reliant on mothering still
where does/can one go from here?

Dreams of living on own, not loan
dreams you see
My base is flawed
So naked
As friends slip sandily through limp, feeble fingers
Good for shrugging and waving
and precious little else.
Oh good – to be here at the bottom again!

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