Livin’ in the past

Lost in time
This place: reopen
Come in
Come in
Take a seat, look around.
Last this place a point’s reflection
Made in earnest – mellow affection.
Where sweat is sweet
This home in mind
Where grime is fine
Soul comforts kind

Splendour dressed up
Brains asylum
Lean here
Lean here
Mild place to stay
A hairs breadth stance
Some brief encounters with quick repose
Of trampled appraisal
The quietly encouraged of latent heart.

A shelf stacked full
Of mean literature
A guide
A guide
That flicker through time
A passage borne but followed seldom
Where once was promise
Now found hiding.
Light bounces in and the light within
Once caught is sold where light’s unknown

Smoked holy juice
A fresh fruits yield
Drink up
Drink up
More than most to go round
And the glow of sweet tempers
Sets light to the myriad hemp
Grown for the picking
Picked up on and planted…

Cloud-like moon-light
Starlight’s bright
In air
In air
In the streets on the ground
Flashed from fields
Where none play wisely – streets empty game
Streets heady weights
Heads bow with despair
From lonely looks shorn soft, so lightly
When light was right; and places won!

Now let us know this fair fantastic
Come fly
Come fly
Lift your feet from the ground
Look fierce at the present
know your last demands
Leave your mind in my hands
I will cherish and nurture, will fondle and love –
In this polished asylum whose quiet walls listen in.

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