Thinking Time

It’s time to stop running and think
Time to be bright
Be a light
Take a step down the right way
Along unknown roads
That may fill up your time
It’s time to stop randomly running
To think!

Call me by a number
Your glorious voice
Enticing at night
With your more-than-words noise
Down the loud line
Crackle in deep shots
Of booms and interminable danger
Rambling through my mid-sentence
On cheap wheels made in Hong Kong
Putt-puttering and upsetting
The slow train of my thoughts.

Humbly the wind blows on
Shaking our world
Like the loose frames of rented windows
Letting in the rattling cans
And tired exhausts
And helping to fan the flames
Of my mind’s eye.

Some might look at this bleak
Torch as if the cold winds
Of urban ruin, were bent
On snuffing the candle of my imagination.
I choose the brighter, nobler explanation
And stoke the fires
And fan the flames.

Blast your wretched decadence
Damn your polluters
Of lungs
Of spirit.
And as my mind runs,
Scattering thoughts and reasoning
Like spooked fish in a bowl.
That is when I realise
It’s time to stop running and

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