Harlot Nights

Once a lady laid her love on me –
spread it thick and luscious
round my heart.
Told my ears of sweet times spent
regarding me.
Kissed my lips she’d loved
right from the start.

Each day this new love grew up fast
around us.
Each entwined within each other’s stare.
Till one day I went to love my lover
as I woke I knew
she was not there.

Had I over-loved this girl who loved me?
Sweet and true, pure wrapping love
too fast.
Did I fall for one so live and sexy
while she loved me
she lived in her past.

So I did the right way I’d been taught to –
said goodbye although
my love’s not there.
Closed the door and walked along the roadside
so that tomorrow night
I will not care.

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