Waiting for yo’ train

Time turns a blind eye
as our atoms collide
Your side against mine
Clocking another slow ride

Yesterday’s dreams
they were bluer than sea
There was even a breeze
warmly breathing the trees

And believe me
the deep history you bring along
sometimes troubles the beat
of my simple song

Forget that though now
Lose the thought from your main brain
and join me once again
on the early train
the fast track
Our gravy train
From love and back

4 thoughts on “Waiting for yo’ train

  1. Okay, I have never said this before,….never felt or thought this before, to that matter, but this poem makes me wish I could hit the “like button” over and over to show how much I like it, on how many levels I like it! This is a great poem and trust me I am not given to flattery, this is a movie in my mind kind of great!


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