She Knew She Was Gorgeous – They Told Her So (1)

Almost doubly entrancing.
How they knew?
How she found him?
This was such a questioned story
always long but rarely weary.

Question was:
Where had she come from?
Likely boozers asked each night.
Answers fled from drunken heads
but when she came,
all knew ‘twas right!

So she came
in flaming glory.
Stood so tall and curvy wavy.
Flooded eyes with jealous loving –
caught their tears
to spice her gravy.

Here was such a mighty mistress.
Form so strong
with head so red.
Where the damsel set her passage,
each knew this
and off they fled.

Only one sweet soul devotion
sought such soothing love by night.
This companion
read her message,
brought himself
to her grand bed.

Kayes Aunty Merton Road

A distant relative circa 1900

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