Lost Song to Minerisa

Bring me your body
lend me your love
I shall in return
present you this groove

My mind is alive
with the sounds of your breath
Alight to your touching
Awake to your sex

Alone and in darkness
I’m finding my way
with none of your help
soon I’m lost to your maze

This party is tricky
a voice lost in smoke
so quickly you hush me
So slowly I choke

Is this where you’re pretty?
Is here where you lie?
To love you was easy
now better to die…

My song can’t expose
all the reasons and lies
Your mind is set straight
for this moment you cry

One night in your loving
my heart was torn free
And now in the blackness
it waits you, lonely

And tearing for beauty
And calling for fame
this lonesome lust lover
can’t keep up the game

So pages lap wildly
at words in the night
A thousand are practiced
but none of them right

You hold for your lover –
the holder of love –
One day shall be found you
alas not my love

Slip silent from living
I’m gone by this time
Whilst freedom is on you
Redemption is mine.Boxing Day Sunset Shottisham

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