Finally managed to have a chat with my future self last week

Adam 2020 told me to follow my heart, live for the day, and other platitudes

Whereupon I pressed him for details

He says I should wank and smoke less, take women seriously – especially my wife – and spend more time with the little B’s

He also encouraged me to make more money as he was tired of being almost poor

After some other literary gems (I promised not to share) he told me I’d always been conceited

I poked him in the eye, kicked him in the nuts and shot his left big toe off

So now I’ve got that to look forward to, too

Damn technology

7 thoughts on “2020

  1. Hey Ayuj28, very good. I particularly like John Abrahams concerns. Nice how you complained about my 1 hour suggestion and then hooked me up for “half of 24 hours”.
    I guess the story of student life is the same on every continent – a wave of distractions through which you perceive the glimmer of successful completion? I guess you are keeping your head down and putting all these options to the back of your mind until after exams…? Best of luck (although we know it’s not luck). Thanks for the link again.


  2. Hmm….. I checked out the RHLSTP….. it seems to be interesting though the videos are PRETTY long, so I guess I’ll wait till the end of my exams, until then you could check out some of the youtube comedy guys from India
    TVF- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jH3ohpDrGJM Here’s a link to their “Aadha 24” mini series (It’s 3 episodes of about 15 min. each) It’s like a spin off of the Indian remake of 24……. just check it out, it’s GREAT!


  3. Ohh…. well that’s interesting I’d used it mainly ’cause in the latest post on my blog, it’s a part of the title……. and I’ll check ’em out…


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