I once knew a woman

with a big
and worldly head:
She was ever so exciting
as she took them all to bed!
The tramp and then the scoundrel
and the drunkard
then the thief –
She was always more than welcoming
to poor souls; poor lost sheep.

Her light was spent in luxury;
in a gift crammed flat she lay,
while more people brought her ideas –
how to best avoid the day!
And though the drug-squad
(dressed in riot garb)
would wait outside her door
this life was so exciting
she just could not help want more!

Faithful? True she was not
but that matters hardly here
’cause her life flew by so hot –
If she stayed too long
she’d sear!

Aunty Kaye!

3 thoughts on “I once knew a woman

  1. Hi
    I love poems that rhyme!
    This reminds me of Shel Silverstein. Are you familiar with him?
    I am following you via my feedly reader.
    Thank you for your support this morning. Janice


  2. Hi Janice, having contacted you on Twitter, I forgot to respond to this comment. Thanks for the pointer to Shel Silverstein, very happy to be compared with his lovely work.

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