Ambled in,
with his smell
like a case of bad wind.
Rousing all the preachers
& bleeders from their beds
rising even Docility’s
dull dishevelled head.

 Why those lies?

All these good men of God
stood up to cry:

 Where have you blown in from boy
awakening us – does this bring your joy?
Well, here I am a lie,
and first you think me boy
& then I’ve stirred you up?
Were you sleeping anyway?

Just then the crowd
of sleepy blokes
remembered all their sleeping folk.
So whispering in whispered voices
each one, straight, told Duplicity:
He was annoyed!

 Well here I sit in quandary men
I’m unmoved by your gripes
and I shall wake you up again
whether daytime or at night.
You cannot sleep you truthful chaps
else lies like me will steel

And left, just then, back through the night
biding time until the next false thrill