www.excuses.com or thirtysix

Here I sit in the bath, with my bits all wet
Composing an alibi, for the inkless stinking internet
And in the scribblings of this soak, retort a pithy epithet.

You could cast your net wide fella, I tweet; you do not hear.
Those benefits (with links) I blogged won’t make it clear,
Likewise it matters not whose liked my cause – it fails to draw you near

And my sweet friend, you squarely foot the blame at the W W W
However, I remember, not so long ago, waiting for your reply when I text you!
And even further back, with BeaTy, my calls would seldom get through…

Lets not confuse your loathing of technology for what irks you most.
The truth inside that furry heart – is no problem with any ISP host!
I’ll yell it loud – ’cause I know you’ll not get too close.

My friend you sometimes seem to fear the world – not just the interweb.
You know, doing it online lets you choose with whose shoulders you rub
That’s not to say, you’ll avoid forever those you’re keen to snub.

And on this note then L-J I’ll say no more,
Well just some short comment; ‘there’s so much more’
And I will wait for you to figure out what your web’s for.

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