White man blues

Poor white man got no God
Everyone loses when you ain’t got love

Got no money just got pain
and next time just gonna lose again

Poor white man down on luck
Waking each day though you don’t wake much

Lost that woman took your heart
Gave up feeling when it fell apart

How’s the light in your eyes
Got so lost and burnt to die inside?

Poor white man poor or free
Dragging blues like it’s captivity

Open eyes now open heart
This one life’s waiting for you to start

4 thoughts on “White man blues

  1. I’m not necessarily “atheist” I more just have difficulty truly having faith. I do get sick of it being shoved down my throat from time to time, but sometimes you just want to have a normal human conversation with real advice instead of, “pray about it”.

    Numinous to Newton

    The waters roar
    and pipe the divine hymn
    (every verse I know by heart)
    and my mind begins luring
    into the past.

    I no longer stand the same
    that figure of faith
    no longer remains.
    I once pranced in circles
    on this monotonous path
    which encloses Your power
    in Your garden of creation.

    Paths that led away
    from your cradle
    I was afraid to take.

    I have bitten the apple
    which gravity pulled
    from this tree, and I’m now
    ken to the prosperities
    of those paths.
    I find that my stride
    has come to a halt
    and I now hesitate
    Between knowledge and faith.

    Wrote this in Spring of 2006 http://poemsproseandmemoir.blogspot.com


  2. Reblogged this on bujonswords and commented:

    From October 2011 (written much earlier), it seems the blog’sphere is populated by godheads, and whilst I admire your tenacity, I can’t shake that belief that god was a creation of a scared and ignorant humanity, looking for answers without the mechanisms (or wit) to fathom any; A humanity with whom we share very little in common today.
    I re-blog this blues-inspired poem in the hope that there are other atheists out there, sharing this technology with all the devout..?


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